LUSH Dear John EDP Perfume Review

LUSH Dear John perfume

Dear John is in LUSH’s Exclusive Perfume line. This is a perfume line of re-launched scents that LUSH discontinued at one time. Dear John is described as a “confident and assuring manly scent“. Dear John reminds me of a more concentrated version of retro masculine scents but at the same time, it doesn’t because of the addition of spice and coffee. It keeps me interested and that is more than what most modern masculines can do for me.

Let me get this out of the way. Like all LUSH perfumes, Dear John is bold. Read that as loud. Dear John opens with an old-school 1960’s masculine blend of lime peel and terpenic pine. At this stage, this is what I wanted Penhaligon’s Extrait of Lime or Blenheim Bouquet to be. It’s clean, fresh and sharp. With time, you’ll get a blend of hot and cold spice – coriander and clove with a sweeter lime. The base is a grassy vetiver and “coffee” woods that remind me a little of Mugler A*Men.

Like many LUSH scents, Dear John is interesting. But, unlike many other interesting LUSH scents, Dear John is completely wearable. That is, if you like to wear “louder”, more throwback style masculine scents.

Notes listed include lime, pine, coffee, coriander, clove, cedarwood and vetivert. PERFUMER – Mark Constantine

Alain Delon smoking

Give Dear John a try if you like masculine citrus fragrances, retro masculines, or perfumes like Penhaligon’s Extrait of Limes or Blenheim Bouquet, Creed Windsor, Guerlain Homme, and/or Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cocoa. Actually, I can’t really think of any other perfume like Dear John. Dear John is masculine to me but could be worn by women that wear vetiver perfumes.

The scent has above average projection and longevity in the alcohol based formula.

Dear John comes in a few spray sizes and there is a solid perfume. Prices retail from about $16-$40 at LUSH.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA strong masculine scent with lime, pine, coffee and vetiverInteresting and wearable. I think this is a great masculine scent for any guy looking to spend under $50 for a nice, well-crafted, quality perfume. You aren’t going to find any other masculine fragrance at the mall like it.

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*Sample purchased by me. Product pic from LUSH. Alain Delon pic from Post contains an affiliate link.

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