LURK OM 011 Natural Perfume Oil Review

Lurk OM 011 perfume

LURK is a line of natural perfumes made in New York that I’ve been meaning to try since their launch in 2012. But, you know how it can be with so many launches; it’s easy to only focus on what is literally in front of your nose.

LURK OM 011 is a natural perfume centered around oud and is described as one of the most “hedonistic” perfumes in the brand’s line-up (which consists of ten perfumes).

Without reading the note lists or copy, I immediately know that OM 011 is an oud fragrance. It smells like a barn but not in an overly animalic way. This is not one of those ouds. The florals in this composition are hay-like. OM 011 actually reminds me of a really clean stable. The sandalwood in OM 011 is warm and acrid like buttermilk. This adds sunshine to this pastoral scene. Most of the wear on me is bitter woods like shavings of sandalwood and palo santo with a hint of dried lemon peel. With a bit of humidity, I pick up the mushroom-y quality of the oud.

This is one of those ouds that smells authentically like oud but it isn’t overwhelmingly “oud” (like musty, dank or “dirty”). It’s a slightly fungal, woodsy scent with bright florals. It’s great alone but I imagine it could also layer well with other perfume oils (especially citrus-themed scents).

Kate Moss

Notes listed include jasmine, lotus blossom, rose, sandalwood and oud. Launched in 2015. PERFUMER – Anne Nelson Sanford

Give OM 011 a try if you like floral ouds or woodsy perfumes (especially sandalwood). Or perfumes like Aftelier Oud Luban, Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Rosa parfum, Rebel Intuitive Winter Lewd, Amouage Sandal and/or JoAnne Bassett The Call to Prayer. If you like natural perfume houses like Aftelier or Roxana Illuminated, I could see how you’d like LURK too.

It’s a natural perfume oil so it wears closely to the skin. It lasts about 5 hours on my skin.

The 1/2 oz bottle retails for $55 at Beautyhabit¹. A sample set is also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA pastoral oud and sandalwood with wildflowers. It reminds me of sunshine and open meadows.

¹It looks like the brand changed bottles and the size and price have increased but the bottles like the one I have sampled are still out there. Or you can upgrade to the new, slightly larger bottle 🙂

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