Lulu Beauty Starlet Perfume Oil Review

Lulu Beauty Starlet Perfume

Luly Beauty is a perfume line that fits right in with the “vibe” here at EauMG, “captures the high tone glamour of the 1930s with gorgeously feminine fragrances worthy of a silver screen starlet”. This Seattle based indie perfume line features 5 perfumes, all of them heavy on va-va-voom white florals such as gardenia and jasmine. Each fragrance comes in a small, travel-friendly roller-ball bottle.

Starlet is a va-va-voom white floral. It’s simply gardenia, a soliflore. A pretty, slightly “spicy” gardenia. I wore this fragrance and it was a hit with my husband, the lover of feminine, simple white florals. He rarely gives fragrance compliments, so when he does, it just may mean something. He LOVED Starlet and I got tons of  attention. This fragrance is gardenia fragrance oil. Gardenias are difficult fragrances to replicate, luckily, I like “gardenia fragrance oil”. Lulu Beauty Starlet is a “dirty” gardenia. It has those oily/gasoline notes you find in some gardenias. This is why I like Starlet. But, it’s still sweet, creamy, and sultry. The dry-down is a mix of gardenia, spicier than before/less creamy, and musk.

Because this is a perfume oil, it wears and wears. For a white floral, it is far from overwhelming because of the roller-ball application and oil medium. It wears closely to the skin for many hours at least 12+. Lulu Beauty Starlet is a sexy fragrance and you can bet I’m going to wear this again and again. I also want the other Old Hollywood inspired florals by this brand. They all sound simple but wearable.

Lulu :)

The packaging is adorable (another reason I want the other scents). Each little roll-on is housed in a Tiffany blue faux cigarette box. Housed in the lid is a mirror. I don’t condone smoking, but we all know that those Old Hollywood beauties were smokestacks. We know the health dangers of smoking, not to mention what it can do to the appearance, so we moderns will play it safe and only have what resembles s a cigarette box in our purse 🙂 I know I’m keeping my box to put a few tubes of lipstick in later (it does have a mirror).

Notes listed include white gardenias and clean musk.

If you are a fan of simple gardenias try Starlet! Or if you like fragrances such as Pacifica Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Solid Perfume, Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion EDP, Trish McEvoy Sexy #4 EDP, Memoire Liquide Gardenia D’Amour EDP, Sarah Horowitz Perfect Gardenia Perfume Oil, Melissa Flagg Hazel’s Solid Perfume and/or Tocca Florence Solid Perfume.

A roll-on perfume oil retails for $30. Luly Beauty Perfume Oils are available at super adorable Seattle boutique, Olivine Atelier. And Lulu Beauty’s Etsy store. (International friends, check out the Etsy store, much cheaper shipping!) And Cherry Culture.

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*This fragrance was provided by Lulu Beauty. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

20 thoughts on “Lulu Beauty Starlet Perfume Oil Review

  1. I’m glad you reviewed this. I was eyeballing this line in the summer during my brief but intense obsession with gardenia. I adore the packaging, cute and reusable!

    So it’s a hint with your husband? Wonderful! My husband just announced this morning that he likes tea scents, so I know I can wear those around him with abandon.

    1. I love the packaging. Solids in vintage looking compacts are now available, making the perfect gift.
      I say that I don’t wear fragrances for others but I do like to get compliments from my husband being that he is one of the few opinions that I ever care about. My husband’s brain is so analytical and he categorizes/classifies everything. He only likes single note or soliflores. It makes sense that he would like this simple, straightforward scent.
      Tea scents? That’s great being that you like those too 🙂

    1. It’s a nice cheap thrill. It’s a pretty and simple gardenia. I do want to try the jasmine too! I think I like jasmine more than gardenia 🙂

        1. Wow. Aren’t there any niche Canadian perfumers? Maybe you should start an importing biz 😉
          That’s a bummer. I don’t think it would be any cheaper for me to send it to you 🙁

          1. I have yet to try Ayala Moriel fragrances. Isn’t she Vancouver based? Not too far from neck of the woods…
            I have tried a few Susanne Lang and her Sula line too. I like them. They are a bit more mainstream, being that most noses should like the scents.

  2. I love the packaging! The bottle is adorable and perfect for travel, and the box is a really neat touch. Love me some creamy gardenia perfume!

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