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Lulah Magnolia Fig Body Lotion & Body Mist Review

Lulah Magnolia Fig

Thymes has created a new bath and body line, Lulah. If you spend some time on the Lulah site you’ll get the impression that this line is marketed to a younger crowd, not too young but younger. She just graduated grad school. It’s for the type of woman that shops at Anthropologie or J.Crew. It’s for fashionable women that like to mix prints and wear funky costume jewelry. She’s too old for Victoria’s Secret PINK and feels too young for a signature scent by Chanel.

There are 5 fragrance collections in the line: Citron, Peony, Tamarind Ginger, Vanilla Orchid and Magnolia Fig. Being a fig lover, I had to try Magnolia Fig.

Magnolia Fig contains notes of nectar, fig, petigrain, sweet mandarin, lemon peel, magnolia and woods. 

Body Lotion

Contains soy protein to moisturize. – The formula is very lightweight and absorbs very quickly. It’s a nice formula for those that dislike a “lotion feel” or for summer.

The fragrance is a magnolia citrus with a hint of tart cranberry. I don’t pick up on any fig which is a disappointment when I expected fig. As a magnolia floral, it’s a good scent.

So, a few years ago Victoria’s Secret made a “natural” inspired body care line in Açai Berry & Magnolia. A bottle was given to me as a gift and I ended up writing a review. To make a long story short, Victoria’s Secret discontinued the line and I started to receive countless emails knowing if I knew of any other product that smelled like it. At the time, I didn’t. Since then, I’ve seen bottle on EvilBay go for like $100. I think if you want a substitute, try Magnolia Fig. It’s a fresh, fruity magnolia. And it doesn’t cost $100! – Now is it exactly the same? No, but it’s a close substitute since they’re both tart magnolia fragrances.

The 10 oz bottle retails for $13.25.

Body Mist

Body Mist has always baffled me. I guess it makes sense in warm climates when you want something light and well, invisible. I end up using all body sprays given to me as room sprays. Anyway, Magnolia Fig in a body spray is the same citrus floral as the body lotion BUT I do get a hint of a bitter, green fig. It’s a crisp and tart, very refreshing magnolia. When layered over the lotion, it does linger around for 30 minutes to an hour. So far I’ve used it on my body and not my pillows 🙂

The 4 oz bottle retails for $11.

A Body Wash and Hand Cream are also available at Lulah. 

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by Lulah’s PR for review. I am not finacially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Lulah.

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