Loving Linden: A Lovely List of Linden Fragrances.


Linden/linden flower is such a pretty, bubbly, and flirty scent. It is one of my favorites for spring and summer and lately I haven’t been able to get enough of it. It’s a slightly honey-ish floral in a honeysuckle way and tart like a lime blossom. It brings back sweet memories of linden tea and linden honey in early summer. If you are a fan of citrus blossom fragrance then I think you’ll love linden like I do. I love this scent but it can be difficult to “find”, so that’s why I’ve put this “collage” together. I want to help myself and others find a place to start when finding that perfect linden based fragrance.

Budget Linden: I have raved about it before for its true linden-ness, Le Provence Santé Tilleul/Linden. It retails for $27 for a big, simple looking bottle. This is an EDT so lasting power isn’t so great  but it smells amazing. This is the “truest” linden fragrance that I have found, it is a single note. Tokyomilk Pafum has a gorgeous floral linden with delicate touches of rose and wisteria, Waltz . This scream femininity and retails for $28 for 1 ounce. It comes in a really cute bottle. A nice white floral linden blend is Voluspa Floraison Linden Blond Tabac, it’s a heady blend of tuberose and linden. It’s ultra femme and flirty. The 1 ounce cute travel spray goes for $18. Demeter has a Linden that goes for $20 for 1 ounce. It smells lovely but the lasting power isn’t hot. I hate to include a limited edition fragrance, but MAC has a nice one for $25, Naked Honey, it is a bit like sweet linden honey. I recommend trying it while you can.

More Expensive: A complicated but beautiful linden that contains notes of lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, and vetiver, Parfum DelRae Début EDP, $135 for 1.7 ounces. A fruity, “young” feeling linden is Trance Essence Whyte Rabbit which retails for $90 for the largest bottle, a roll-on oil is also available and is cheaper. I love the playful, bubbly floral of L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse Aux Papillons EDT. It is a fun floral with linden, citrus blossoms, and jasmine. It’s so beautiful and I find myself using it frequently. This retails for $95. I like the “moodiness” of Annick Goutal Eau de Ciel. It’s a wet and rainy blend of linden, violet, and iris. It goes for $115. This fragrance contains linden but is heavy on lots of other stuff like aquatic and wood notes, Estee Lauder Pure Linen Light Breeze. It  manages to be playful and fresh with linden blossom. The largest bottle goes for $72.

This is my “beginners” list, if you have any others to share, please do. I am always on the “smell-out” for linden based fragrances. They just make me happy.

UPDATE: This is an old post so a lot of these have been discontinued.

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  1. I always think I like linden but then the tree outside my office at work will blossom. It smells good for the 1st month and then it starts to smell gross and rotten. I’ve never tried a fragrance with linden in it (that I know of).

    1. Many people complain about linden trees because they are SO fragrant and they do get a little “sour”. But, hey, at least your office has a window! My doesn’t.

  2. Thank you so much for this article…this week my family and friens have been asking what I want for Christmas. Well what I really want is “linden -tilleul” by “fresh” …which then sadly no longer make! I was so disappointed when they stopped making it, I bought as much as I could find before the final bottles fled the shelves! Now as I search for a fragrance, thanks to you I no longer have to go it alone, and I have some new scents I will try! Thank you, and if you know the scent by “fresh” and and possibly know a complimentary scent, I’d appreciate your thoughts! Thanks again, merry Christmas!

    1. I vaguely remember the one by Fresh. At one time they had all these wonderful perfumes that they just discontinued one day 🙁
      Linden is tricky because it can be fresh/green or it can be sweet like linden honey. If you don’t mind I can post a “looking for linden” type post to see if any of my readers have suggestions. And I know that they do because I feel like this was brought up before 🙂

    2. I had the same problem. I absolutely love the Linden by Fresh but it is no longer avaliable and I am using my bottle sparingly. I have tried to find a replacement and this list gives me hope of finding another linden.

    3. I too love Fresh’s Linden perfume and hate that they discontinued it. I have just am under half a bottle and only wear it rarely. But I truly love it.

      1. I keep hoping they’ll bring it back, even as a limited edition. But, they haven’t yet…

        You should enjoy it. It’s a lovely fragrance and you still have some left 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! I probably need to update this one and add Tauer Zeta and April Aromatics Unter de Linden (all-natural blend). Those are worth checking out too. Enjoy your linden journey 🙂

  3. I lovvve French Lime Blossom by Jo Malone, very clean, green, frrrresh, and a bit soapy. I even found a natural deodorant that kinda matches, or is at least close and compatable…Tea Tree deo by Jasön! Smells nothing like tea tree.

    1. Oh, thanks for sharing that deodorant. It’s sort of an ongoing joke that I’m constantly searching for a good natural deodorant. I wouldn’t have thought about the tea tree one as I’m not a fan of tea tree smells. I’ll have to check it out!

  4. Sure, yw. I gave up anti-perspirant 6 or so yrs ago, so I could reccomend a few. The key is (in my exp) rotation. Weleda makes a good non-areosol spray, Citrus is my fav(smells like an herbal lemonade), Crystal Essence makes great roll-ons in Pomegranate, Lavender, and White Tea/something or other…sry I’m not home and can’t referance it exact, anyway it’ the one w/ the orange cap…might be Chamomile. Then there is Dirty body spray by Lush, in the trigger bottle. While it does lean more towards the masculine, it really does the trick at preventing stinky pits…and feet too, perfect for when wearing shoes sans socks. The Jasön line in stick form is another in my armpit arseanal. I’ve tried many over the yrs, but these have been in heavy rotaion for me for the past 2yrs. Personally, I have to rotate very often or they just won’t work. Ps- sry so lengthy, but i’d also like to add that Whole Foods carries a brand (Dessert Essence, I think) that has stick deo in a scent that smells just like a green apple Jolly Rancher. Not sure if you, or I for the that matter want the underarms to smell like a fruity candy…but hey, maybe for the summertime for fun once in awile. Who knows?? It may work wonders…

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a great list and I’ve taken notes. I will look into all of these. Seriously, thank you so much. This is great info.

      I was not rotating. I would use something like LUSH Aromaco and just use it and use it and complain when I started to stink. It makes sense. I rotate everything else like hair products, shampoos, etc. for max efficiency.

      I’m heady to Whole Foods tomorrow. I’ll check these out. Even the Jolly Rancher one 😉

      Oh, I have used the Dirty body spray BUT as a deodorizer for the pets’ beds. It is incredibly effective at removing stinky pug-thing smells from any fabric in the house. I recommend it to anyone with pets, best product I’ve ever used for that.

  5. Well I started using Jo Malone’s lime blossom and lived it the first few times I used it… But after the initial excitement wore off, I couldn’t smell it anymore! I can smell it for a minute after I spray it on, then I smell nothing! Why is that? I’m quite sensitive to smells- and her (Jo Malone) other perfumes seem very potent to me (I can smell it all day amen I wear them)… So why can’t I smell this scent I live so much? I’m SO Curious!!

    1. Isn’t that the weirdest? Seems to happen to all of us.

      I don’t really have a scientific answer but my thought is that it’s possible we get used to something that we wear but other people notice it. Like my husband has a fragrance that he says he can’t smell but I do. My thought is that he is around it so much, that he can no longer tell it’s there.

      It’s also possible to be unable to detect certain molecules of fragrance. Many of us are anosmic to certain musks. Some people can smell them, some of us don’t. I’m like this with a Histoires de Parfums perfume. I hear it’s gorgeous but I honestly can’t smell anything after 30 minutes.

      And lastly, my thought is that it could possibly be a short lived fragrance; it just doesn’t last that long before it quickly evaporates. There was a C.O. Bigelow orange blossom that I loved and it was like this. I didn’t smell it after 10 minutes because it wasn’t there!

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