Liz Claiborne Realities for Men EDT Cologne Review

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I’m told that if you are a guy and if you like the original Dolce & Gabbana, that you should like Liz Claiborne Realities for Men. And you should love that you can find bottles for under $20. As a woman with more experience sniffing more feminine fragrances, I think if you like warm powdery fragrances like the original Realities or Donna Karan Cashmere Musk, then you may like this as well.

When you first sniff Liz Claiborne Realities for Men, you can sniff the Liz Claiborne Realitites for Women in it. I get a ton of cashmeran musk that has been “freshened” up by some citrus, hexanols (grasses) and ginger tea. It manages to be clean, green but warm and spicy. Like I said, I mainly get that powdery, spicy “ambrette” of cashmeran (an aromachimal from IFF) for most of the wear. The top is nice: fresh, green, aromatic. I wish this top lasted longer.

Liz Claiborne Realities for Men reminds me of a “summer” version/flanker of the original Realities for Women. It has that in it’s core but is made lighter with citrus, freshly cut grass and ginger tea. The new additions burn off rather quickly and for most of the wear, I get the original Realities, just a little more muted with some spice. And it reminds me of a slightly more masculine Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.

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Notes listed include sueded cedar, cashmere woods, Italian grapefruit, mandarin, wet greens, nutmeg, ginger and tea.

Give Realities for Men a try if you like warm musky scents. Try if you like the original Liz Claiborne Realities, Bond No. 9 Cooper Square, Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, Avon Rare Diamonds, original D&G for Men, and/or Guess Seductive. I know it says for Men, but this scent is unisex. Because of the similarities to the for Women’s version, it’s difficult for me to not think of this as a feminine! However, I know of many men that wear this. Try it if you like warm, powdery, and aromatic or more “mature” masculine scents.

This fragrance has average projection (above average depending on how much you apply) and above average longevity.

I’m pretty sure this fragrance has been discontinued but don’t quote me. Soon Liz Claiborne as a brand won’t exist but I don’t know what is happening with their fragrances. (I’m sure the Liz Claiborne company doesn’t own the fragrance line; they may continue to be produced by the 3rd party that already produces the fragrances). You can still find Liz Claiborne Realities at some drugstores, big box stores, and at discounters like Fragrancenet,,  and for under $20 for a 1.7 oz bottle. I’ve seen a 1.7 oz bottle go as low as $10!

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONPowdery, clean and musky cashmeran with some fresh notes. This is like a summer flanker of Liz Claiborne Realities for Women. For some reason, my mom loves the original Liz Claiborne Realities. So, I’ll never wear anything that smells like it. These powdery, spicy musks are not for me.

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