Lili Bermuda Passion Flower & Petals EDP Perfume Reviews

I’ve reviewed a few Lili Bermuda feminines before. This line is inspired by Bermuda. Here’s my reviews of Passion Flower and Petals.

Lili Bermuda Passion Flower

Passion Flower: Notes include gardenia, passion flower and mimosa.

Passion Flower opens with a heady gardenia with citrus. It reminds me of Givenchy Amarige “lite”. It’s a big, boisterous floral with gardenia, mimosa, tuberose…There’s a hint of fuzzy peach. With time, Passion Flower begins to wear as blue cheese gardenia and peach (which is a good thing). Passion Flower is what I’d call a “mature” fruity-floral.

I recommend this one for summer evening wear or as a day fragrance in the winter. Or if you like Amarige and find it too strong.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONGivenchy Amarige “lite” – fruity white floral. I actually really like it because I’ve always liked the idea of Amarige but found it suffocating. It’s a good one to try if you are looking for a gardenia.

Lili Bermuda Petals

Petals: Notes include white honeysuckle, jasmine and orange  flower.

Petals opens as a humid white floral with citrus. With time the honeysuckle is all that I notice. It doesn’t remind me of the honeysuckle here in Washington but of the honeysuckle I was used to smelling growing up in the Southeast. Petals is a lush “green” white floral that is honeyed. One word to describe this fragrance – “pretty”. It is sooo pretty.

Petals is a heady fragrance that isn’t suffocating. It has a sheerness to it that makes it wearable in any environment. It’s also ageless. This scent works for anyone that wants to smell “pretty”. Try it if you are looking for a sheer honeysuckle fragrance.

*David kept complimenting when I over applied this, literally spilled 75% of the sample vial down my sleeve. He kept saying, “You smell so good. You smell so pretty.” See. It’s pretty stuff. (We should have created a drinking game for every time I say “pretty” in this review).

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA pretty honeysuckle. It’s too pretty for me but if you are looking for a green, honeyed floral, check out Petals. However, it could possibly replace my Annick Goutal honeysuckle.

I feel that these have average projection and above average longevity (6-7 hours for an EDT).

The price is right with this brand. I reviewed the EDT which retails from $52-$70 at Lili Bermuda. Sample sets are also available.

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*Samples provided by Lili Bermuda. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pics are from Lili Bermuda.

6 thoughts on “Lili Bermuda Passion Flower & Petals EDP Perfume Reviews

  1. Sounds like i would like this scent alot. I do tend towards softer femanine scents most of the time.Not a bad price either, maybe save my pennys for a sample. Thanks for the review.

    1. I love my sample set of these. It comes in a nice tin for $30. I found that many of the ones that I ended up liking were ones that I thought I wouldn’t. I think the brand does great with that “light floral” style that works in so many environments such as work or class. AND I liked sampling them because if I did like one, I could buy it. The prices are very reasonable.

    1. I haven’t tried any of the masculines but I remember smelling a few at Elements and thought they were good especially for the price.

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