Like Hobnail Milk Glass: Jonathan Adler Vases

I love these vases by Jonathan Adler. The Kiki De Montparnasse is so fab and retails for $350 (the rounder one on the top row).  The Georgia vase (more of the cylinder shape) goes for $450. Both are from the Muse Collection. There is also a Georgia lamp which looks just like the vase but with a shade. The lamp is $550. There is a Georgia Cookie Jar but the lid bothers me because it looks much too vaginal (supposed to be lips with a tongue sticking out but he knew what he was doing, you don’t have to be a Gender’s Study major to see that.) Everything is made from matte white porcelain. I like them, because from a distance they look so much like vintage hobnail glass but when you get closer you see that it is much more fun and quirky. The matte finish looks modern. I really like them but I signed an agreement with my husband that I would not purchase anymore glass wear until September 2009 or until I could get rid of something that I already own. So what shall I get rid of?