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LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant Review

LaVanila Vanilla Grapefruit Deodorant

Yeah, it’s time to talk about my pits again. I’ve been on a search for a natural deodorant for years now. My pits are so sensitive to commercial or “heavy duty” stuff. I don’t care about an anti-perspirant. I’ll sweat it out. All I ask is for something that keep me from being stinky. Those crystals are a joke on me. The LUSH ones are difficult for me to use even though I like their scents. Other brands have been OK but not good enough for me to repurchase.

LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant (quite a claim in the name, really) is a deodorant with naturally derived ingredients. There are no parabens, petro-chemicals, or (the big one for me) aluminum. Let me say this, since it appears that reviewers on Sephora don’t get it – This is a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant. It will not stop you from sweating. You will sweat when using this. This may mean that your clothes will appear damp depending on how much you perspire. This deodorant only claims to cover up odor with scent and some anti-bacterial ingredients. If you fear wetness or sweat more than you like, don’t buy a deodorant. The end.

sliced grapefruit

The product: The deodorant comes in a “standard” deodorant container with a twist up case and tight fighting lid. It is white but I haven’t noticed any deodorant stains on my clothes.I haven’t experienced any stickiness or anything like that with the formula. It does apply “cool” which doesn’t bother me.

The scent: This deodorant comes in 6 fragrances. I tested Vanilla Grapefruit, and you guys know how I am about citrus…not a fan. Vanilla Grapefruit is a sulfuric borderline kitty piss and vanilla-lavender scent to me. It used to bother me but now I’m over it. People pay good money for sulfuric grapefruit scents. I have never been one of those people. I think Vanilla Grapefruit is a much better masculine scent. But, really, don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂 The scent doesn’t really linger around on me or maybe I’ve become used to it.

My experience: This has been a great formula for my skin and chemisty. No odors. It’s been very effective and does everything I want it to. My pits aren’t sensitive. My only complaint is the scent. But, after visiting a Sephora, I sniffed the others and they are more pleasant to me. The Vanilla Grapefruit scent is not for me at all. Luckily, the scent doesn’t linger. The other downside is the price. It’s the most expensive deodorant that I’ve ever used. However, I predict that this tube could last me a few months easily. I’m willing to pay that for a deodorant if it works for me. Frankly, I’m tired of searching. I will purchase this in the future. But, I’ll buy a different scent like Vanilla Coconut.

LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant retails for $18 and is available at Sephora and

I have a question for the fumeheads reading, do you wear scented deodorants? Or do you prefer unscented? I find that I rarely notice the added fragrance in deodorants once I’m wearing them.

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by LaVanila’s PR. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Sephora. Grapefruit from Duarte Trees & Vines. Post contains an affiliate links. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant Review

  1. I have always worn antiperspirants, since I was a teen, but have lately been looking to switch to something a little more natural or healthier. I had thought about the crystal deodorant, but if that doesn’t work, these definitely seem checking out.

    That said, I have always worn scented antiperspirant/deodorant, and it’s never bothered me or interfered with me enjoying whatever fragrance I’m wearing.

    Another idea that some of my Austin hippie friends do (other than the crystal deodorant) is spraying your pits with vodka daily… just decant into a spray bottle and you’re good to go! ha!
    breathesgelatin recently posted..Let’s discuss the FiFi Consumer Choice Awards

    1. The crystal kind may work for you. I have friends that love them but boy, they didn’t work for me. I found myself using the crystal kind and carrying around a travel stick of some commercial stuff – defeated the purpose.

      I’ve never had my deodorant get in the way of my perfumes but I do prefer unscented lotions/sunscreens/etc. After talking to some ‘fumies, it seems that many of them wear unscented antiperspiarnt/deodorant.

      Vodka works like that? Or do they use this as an excuse to carry a flask around? lol

        1. That makes sense. I remember Burt’s Bees used to have (maybe they still have it) an alcohol based deodorant spray that reminds me very much of the link you provided.
          Hey, if Joan Rivers does it, then I should too 😉 Seriously, I’m going to try this.

  2. I discovered Lavanila deodorant last year after hearing a bunch or rave reviews on You Tube. I have tried a number of natural deodorants. My favorite is probably the homemade coconut oil/cornstarch/baking soda concoction, but it melts in warm weather. I’m ok with the Crystal rock deodorant but I’m finding it stinging my pits with more frequent shaving required in warmer weather. While $18 is an obscene amount to pay for deodorant in my eyes, it is so worth it for this one. The natural thing is important to me, but it’s got to work. This one does. I like the plain vanilla variety but just ordered the Vanilla Passion Fruit to try for summer. I too find the scent doesn’t linger so any of them are ok. Oh, if you are looking for a better price, try If you add an item to your wishlist, you automatically save like 10% when you purchase the item. Plus free shipping. Every little bit helps.

    1. I’ve only tried 2 varieties of the Crystal ones and then later found that those 2 had the lowest reviews of any Crystal deodorants 🙁 LUSH worked for me but with time, the lemon in them started to burn, like you said, more so in the summer because of frequent shaving.

      So far, I’ve had this one for a few months. I’m thinking I can at least get 3-4 months from a stick, but it is expensive. BUT it works for me and I’m sick of stinking by the end of the day or having a rash/burning under my arms. Thank you for the Dermstore tip. 10% and free shipping is nice. I also noticed that LaVanila will do gift sets with certain sets. I think Sephora has a 2 stick set in a select scent for $30, so $15 a piece but no free shipping 🙁

  3. this might sound a little weird, but, a DIY deoderant that I like:

    1 part alcohol
    1 part witch hazel
    a couple drops rosemary essential oil
    bit of zinc oxide powder (easily available)
    few drops sage essential oil

    mix all together in a small spray bottle. zinc neutralizes odors, alcohol kills bacteria, sage/rosemary both reduce sweating. You could mix in some of your favorite perfume (I like Mamae-Bebe) for a scent, but the hippy-dippy EO smell will evaporate really quickly.

    Melissa Picoli recently posted..Home

  4. Have you tried Bubble & Bee’s natural deodorants? I’ve had good luck with them and they come in a variety of scents. My favorite is Jasmine Mint Pit Putty cream. I’ve only tried the creams, but they come in stick form as well.
    Lulubelle recently posted..NOTD: Sweet Pea (franken)

    1. Jasmine? What? Now I’m curious. I’ve never heard of the Bubble & Bee line before. I need to check this line out! Thank you!

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