Demeter Laundromat Perfume Review

Demeter Laundromat

As you’d expect, Demeter Laundromat is one of those super “clean” fragrances. It is way more laundry soap than it is fabric softener. So, think more of clothes drying on a clothesline versus Downy soaked towels in the dryer. It is “crisp” and smells like detergent granules. At first it is “cool” in a peppermint way (don’t take that wrong, it doesn’t smell like toothpaste or mouthwash). It is a simple scent. It dries down into laundry detergent. Then it gets “warmer” and smells more like the very faint fragrance that detergent leaves on cotton tees. This scent isn’t laundromat because those places actually have a very strong odor, this is more laundry room in my opinion. It is a very light, clean scent that lasts for 20 minutes max. It makes a great no-fuss scent with jeans and t-shirts. It also makes a wonderful room or linen spray. It really brings “stale” clothes/fabrics to life. It is a more expensive Febreeze replacement 🙂 This fragrance will be loved by the fragrance fans of Clean scents, Philosophy Pure Grace, Mark Pure,  and Bobbi Brown Bath.

It can be purchased at Demeter.

Pic from the Daily Green

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from Fragrantica.


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