L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10 EDP Perfume Review

L'Artisan Mon Numero 10

L’Artisan Parfumeur had a line of “numbered” perfumes that were once a limited run of exclusive perfumes that well, they decided to bring back as non-limited, non-exclusive AKA “permanent” perfumes. I assume that this exclusive model A. worked for them and they wanted to continue selling these or B. didn’t work for them at all and they decided to lower the price and bring these to mass market. Anyway, Mon Numéro 10 is an amber perfume from “the numbers” collection.

In the opening, Mon Numero 10 reminds me of Dr. Pepper soda pop. It’s fruity and spicy with a bubbly effervescence. When the effervescent top notes start to fade, there’s cedar with dried herbs like fennel and thyme. As the fragrance wears, it’s more like a creamy cardamom amber. And then morphs into a yuletide cinnamon amber. Mon Numero 10 dries down to a sweet benzoin incense with leather.

Mon Numero 10 reminds me of a soda pop amber…and perhaps a soda pop amber that has been spilled in a leather purse.

Ava Gardner

Notes listed include fennel, lime, aldehydes, pink pepper, cinnamon, cabrueva, cardamom, leather, incense, rose, heliotrope, musk, vanilla, benzoin, hyrax and tonka bean. Launch date 2011. PERFUMER – Bertrand Douchaufour

Give Mon Numero 10 a try if you like amber perfumes of “soft” leather scents. Or if you like perfumes like Givenchy Organza Indecence, Parfums de Rosine Majalis, Hermes Ambre Narguile and/or Serge Lutens Arabie.

Projection is below average. Longevity is average.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $200 at Luckyscent and Twisted Lily. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA soda pop amber. It’s pleasant but there are other ambers and leathers that I prefer over this one.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Fragrantica. Ava Gardner pic from

2 thoughts on “L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10 EDP Perfume Review

  1. I could be totally down with a soda pop amber, especially if it smells like Dr. Pepper spilled in a leather purse. I really love Dr. Pepper! (Also diet Mountain Dew … don’t tell anyone. I don’t imagine that Diet Mountain Dew spilled in a leather purse would smell so good, though.)

    1. I LOVE the smell of Dr. Pepper (and the taste). It’s so fruity-aromatic and top secret 🙂

      I haven’t had a diet Mountain Dew in ages (but I like them!) and I don’t think they’ll go very well with leather…

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