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L’Aromarine Pomme Perfume Oil Review

L'Aromarine Pomme

When I purchased this fragrance oil I was thinking of fall. I thought that an apple scent would be very nice for October. I was expecting something that would remind me of leaves crunching under my Frye boots in the orchards of Washington. This is not a fall fragrance. L’Aromarine Pomme is more like a Jolly Rancher mixed with Johnson’s No More Tears Shampoo. Perfume labs and flavor labs are often married. This smells like what fake apple tastes like. You know the apple used in sour candies and pops? This is it.

At first it is very “fruity” then it becomes very intense and tangy. It smells just like a Jolly Rancher or Jone’s Soda Sour Apple. After an hour + of wear, it becomes softer and more like an apple used in a kid’s shampoo.  It isn’t a bad fragrance but if you don’t like the thought of smelling like apple flavoring then do not give this a try. I am planning on mixing mine with a white floral, maybe a honeysuckle or a jasmine to make it a bit more ladylike. I really do not see this mixing well with spice like I had initially planned. This is more of a warm weather fragrance.

UPDATE: It looks like this brand has been discontinued but can be found elsewhere with a different name.

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4 thoughts on “L’Aromarine Pomme Perfume Oil Review

  1. Ick! I hate the smell of sour apple! I could maybe like it if it was mixed in something else, but I couldn’t wear it alone.

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