L’Aromarine Paris Jasmin Perfume Extract Review

L'Aromarine Jasmin


My husband bought me a couple of these L’Aromarine perfume fragrances and parfum sprays a few days ago. I’ve never worn them before and I know that he was attracted to the 30’s Deco packaging like I am (oh, and the cheap price). One of the scents he bought me was Jasmin which is to no surprise being that he says I don’t wear white floral enough (his favorite).

The bottle is small at 8.5 ml. This size bottle has a pretty plain, but vintage feeling label. The sprays have adorable Deco inspired labels. L’Aromarine is a French perfume oil company that claims to shop around for the best oils available. They say some are from Grasse and others from a small French family owned business. The small bottles are multi-functional. They can be used to refresh potpourri, used in bath (I’m going to add mine to Epsom salt for bath salts), body oil, mixed with alcohol to make an eau de toilette, or wear alone. One thing that all the vendors have in common, they all say “A Little Goes A Long Way.” This is so true.

The first time that I wore it, I over did it. It was so strong, I dabbed the oil everywhere and spent thirty minutes being an atomic jasmine bomb. Today, I used a minuscule amount and it smells heavenly. On initial application this stuff is strong, it is a very sweet jasmine. It’s very heavy and wears you. Within five minutes it begins to die a little. It begins to smell softer, less sweet but still sweet, and still has that jasmine zing. Within 30 minutes to an hour it is perfect jasmine. It’s soft and someone has to be close to you to smell it. It’s girly, sweet, floral and fresh. I’m sure I could avoid the whole overwhelming at first aspect if I mixed it into vodka. says to mix the whole bottle into 3 ounces of alcohol. This may be nice but I think I’ll keep mine in oil form. I can handle it strong. I can’t wait to make bath salts out of it. One day I may dilute it into apricot kernel oil or something for a body treatment. Currently, I like it so I’ll wait till I get sick of it to do something like that.

I’m really fascinated by this line now. There are a ton of scents. They come in cute packaging and have a great price for the quality that you get. I also have Mousse de Chêne a.k.a. Oakmoss and LOVE it! I’ll review it later when I can actually think about it and not just be intoxicated by it.


Update: This line has been discontinued but it appears it may now go by a different name that is available at Smallflower.

*Product obtained by me. Product pic from Beautyhabit.

2 thoughts on “L’Aromarine Paris Jasmin Perfume Extract Review

  1. Hello,I’m not sure I can ask or not about this.
    but I’m desparate to know where I can buy L’AROMARINE Fragrance in Paris.
    I bought there Fragrance in Los Angels and I love it!
    I’ll visit in Paris next week but now I can’t fine the store……
    I really appriciate if you give me information.
    If you don’t know it, I’m sorry to disturb you.


  2. I know there is a boutique in Paris and I think certain shops sell it around the area. I know the company is located in southern France and there is a boutique there also. I am not sure of a certain shop to direct you. So, I am going to leave this up and maybe if any readers know they can let you know before your fun vacation next week.
    P.S. You’re not disturbing me. I’m happy that you took the time to read my blog.

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