Lacoste Touch of Pink EDT Perfume Review

Lacoste Touch of Pink

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Who named this perfume? Did they not run this name by a focus group of any kind? “Touch of Pink” just sounds bad. It could go from either something sexual to some sort of illness (“I’m sorry but you have a touch of pink. What? Eye?”). I do find it really weird that in the same year that this perfume was launched, there was also a gay romantic comedy of the same name (a play on Cary Grant’s “That Touch of Mink“). Anyway, the name is odd to me. I get that Lacoste wanted us to know the perfume is “pink”, but couldn’t they come up with a better name?

Touch of Pink is a sweet citrus. It does open with citrus and yes, cilantro aldehydes. This opening is short-lived. It mainly wears as a sweet jasmine fruity-floral which actually reminds me very much of By Kilian Forbidden Games. And then it dries down to a generic base of vanilla, musk and woods.

Touch of Pink is not something that I would want to wear but I can see people wanting to wear it, especially younger people looking for something “soft”. Really I think of Touch of Pink as more of a “budding amber perfume” than a fruity-floral. Yes, it has fruits and flowers but the vanilla and musk are so prominent.

That Touch of Mink

Notes listed include blood orange, coriander leaf (cilantro), cardamom, peach, jasmine, carrot, coriander, woods, musk and vanilla. Launched in 2004. PERFUMER – Domitille Michalon

Give Touch of Pink a try if you like fruity-florals. Or if you like perfumes like By Kilian Forbidden Games, GAP Near, Paul Smith Portrait for Women and/or Pehaligon’s Malabah. Seriously, if you like those By Kilian Garden of Good and Evil perfumes, you should try this one.

Projection and longevity are below average. But, it is labeled as an EDT and I think it wears like an EDT.

The 3.4 oz retails for $77 at Amazon. You can find this at discounters like for under $40.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONAn “amber” perfume in training. It’s a vanilla fruity-floral. It’s not something that I see myself ever wearing. But, it’s not bad for such a perfume. Heck, By Kilian is doing the same thing and charging a lot more for it (but that says more about them than it does this perfume).

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7 thoughts on “Lacoste Touch of Pink EDT Perfume Review

  1. It would never occur to me to go for a Lacoste perfume, just because of the preppy brand associations, but I think the movie Touch of Pink is beyond adorable.

    1. Lacoste is one of those brands that is soooo not me. But, I tried their Femme perfume years ago and fell in love with the soft ambrette musk. From them on, I decided to not write them off of my designer “to try” perfume list.

      Oh, totally adorable 🙂

  2. This actually sounds nice. It’s a pity the packaging isn’t prettier. If it looked like a By Kilian, Instead of a hairspray, I’d be tempted to buy it blind.

    1. The packaging is ugly. Lacoste needs some help in that department.

      I wish there was one of those Garden of Good & Evil ones that I do like because I loved the packaging. Oh, well.

      For what this is, it’s good. I think the coriander and cilantro where an interesting choice, very daring. And that’s why it’s unlike most of those other “pink juices”.

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