Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Deep Moisture Mask Review

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Moisture Mask

Koh Gen Do is a luxury skincare and makeup line from Japan. The Deep Moisture Mask is a moisturizing mask for night time use. This mask is different than other moisture masks because you do not rinse it. You apply a thin layer to your skin at night and  do your daily skincare routine in the morning. So, you don’t feel like you are completely wasting your money by immediately rinsing it down the sink.

What does it claim to do? The Deep Moisture Mask contains “oriental plants” including algae and seaweeds chosen from the Taoist 5 Element Wheel. If you read the ad copy you may “lol” at the bold claims. The mask claims to “deliver vitamin essences and moisturizing elements deep beneath the skin’s surface to repair damaged skin”. The line claims that this will cleanse the skin of environmental pollutants, calm sun-damaged skin (I guess the skin is disgruntled because you damaged it), and it claims to do some anti-aging stuff using some fancy words. They use many words to say “repairs damages and helps restore silky and smooth skin“.

The appearance & fragrance: It’s a clear glycerin-heavy gel with “microbeads” that burst when you rub this on the skin. There is no noticeable fragrance.

My skin type: Normal to dry, rarely breakout, small pores. My concerns are with dark spots and dryness.

My experience? The gel is lightweight, feels like a gel on the skin and absorbs very quickly. I like the feel and how it makes my skin feel in the morning. But, this doesn’t provide enough moisture for my normal to dry skin. For a treatment, this doesn’t do anything for me. I need more moisture than this. And I expect more moisture from a treatment claiming to moisturize. I think I may like it more in the summer when my skin is less dry and feels hot/irritated. As far as the anti-aging claims, I can’t comment on that.

Personally, I’m neutral. It didn’t do anything bad to my skin but it didn’t do anything for my skin either. I think I’m the wrong skin type for this product.

Who may like this? Somebody with normal or normal to oily skin that feels like their skin is dehydrated and needs a “boost” but you aren’t dry enough to replace your current moisturizer with a more intensive moisturizer. I think it would feel good on sun burnt skin or skin parched by too much “beach time”.

Who may not like this? Those with dry to very dry skin. I don’t feel it gave enough moisture. Also, this product is crazy expensive.

Personally, I feel that this product shouldn’t be marketed towards those with dry skin as a moisturizing treatment. I think it should be a product marketed towards normal to oily skin types that have some temporary skin “dehydration” from being out in the elements for too long.

This moisture mask retails for $90 for 1.34 oz at Barney’s. And you thought perfume was expensive…

*Samples came with a purchase from Barney’s. Product pic from Barney’s.

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