Klorane Mango Butter Collection Review

Klorane Mango Butter

I rarely ever review haircare products. Aside from skincare, is there anything else that really varies this much from person to person? We all have different needs and expectations. There’s also additional confounding factors like your plumbing/water, season/climate and how you style your hair (heat tools, air dry, etc.). All of this makes reviewing hair products too intimidating for me!

As with many products, results will vary. I can only give you guys my opinion/experience. I’ve decided in 2018 that I’m going to try to take better care of my hair. I’ve been lazy. I got a haircut a few weeks ago (and I’m really pleased)! I’ve been deep-conditioning again and I tried Olaplex 3. 

I was sent a few Klorane Mango Butter products to try. Back in the day I used to use Klorane products. I remember loving them. Why did I ever stop using them? I don’t know. The same reason I stop using a lot of things…I’m easily distracted by shiny and new. Being sent these has reminded me of how solid the Klorane haircare line is.

Quick reminder of my hair type: Very dry and dehydrated, coarse, straight, frizzy, color-treated (with stubborn grays) and pretty darn long.

What do I want from hair products? Something that will smooth and soften my hair, make it shiny and healthy looking…basically I want it to look like Pantene commercials from the 90’s even though I know that is impossible.

Before I get into the individual products, I want to talk about their fragrance. This line smells just like mango nectar. And I’m really into this. I have never really liked fruity scents in my hair but there is something about this one I love. Maybe because it’s winter and I want an olfactory escape to anywhere that isn’t freezing cold?

The Mango Butter Collection is designed for dry hair. The brand recommends it for “dry, damaged, brittle” hair. So….hair like mine.

Klorane Mango Butter Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m reviewing these together because I use them together and they promise similar things. The claim is that they nourish and hydrate dry hair and to make it easier to style. I agree. I feel like my hair is more nourished and less tangled. The shampoo lathers nicely without drying out my scalp. The conditioner claims to be “weightless” as to nourish but not weigh hair down. Volumizing products and I rarely get along. They tend to leave my hair so dry. Granted, the Mango Butter Collection isn’t a volumizing line, but I did find that the conditioner does what it says. It hydrates without weighing my hair down. My hair looks bouncy once it dries. That’s never the case for my hair unless a lot of heat tools are involved.

Klorane Mango Butter Mask

The mask is a more “intense” hydrating treatment. Like any mask, you shampoo and then leave on and rinse out. They recommend 5 to 20 minutes. I do about 30 minutes under a cap. I have used it in the shower but I find I prefer it left on longer (my hair is dry ya’ll). Like the conditioner, it rinses out easily. It somehow manages to deep condition without weighing my hair down either.

Overall, I really enjoy the line. I like it so much I’d like to buy the leave-in products. My hair is left feeling soft, looking less frizzy (not 100% frizz-free because that’s impossible for me) and smelling like mangoes. Oh, back to the fragrance. It does linger. I do not find it cloying. But, I’m also the sort of person that wants my hair products to have a strong scent.

And here’s a pic of my hair after using Klorane Mango Butter:


For me this is more frizz-free than usually but most importantly, it’s bouncy!

Have you used Klorane? What are your favorites from the line?

The shampoo and conditioner retail for $20 each. The mask retails for $26. It’s available at Beautyhabit and Sephora.

*Every day I try to post my perfume/lip color combos of the day on my Instagram Stories. The selfie above is from my “photo diary”.

*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Influester and Klorane for review purposes. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Pictures are mine. Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

15 thoughts on “Klorane Mango Butter Collection Review

  1. PSA: Right now Ulta is doing a free gift with purchase on Klorane products (not affiliated, just thought I’d share!)

    1. Oh, I’m going to check it out! I really want to get the Mango Butter oil or the cream (one of the leave-in products)!

      Update – The current GWP is a travel-size of the Mango shampoo with ANY Klorane purchase!

  2. Damn, your hair looks beautiful!

    I’ve never tried Klorane but have heard good things about their dry shampoo. Purely based on that photo, I would rush out and buy me some of that mango butter goodness, but realistically, it’s probably too heavy for my hair. The last product that gave me nice hair was a trial size OGX Biotin and Collagen conditioner, so that stays on the to-buy list.

    1. Oh, thank you! *blushing*

      I have not tried the dry shampoo but it has a cult-following. I recently received a travel spray with an order so I look forward to trying it.

      I really like all of the OGX I’ve tried but I hate their packaging. I really struggle to get it out (mostly conditioners) after about the halfway mark. Now I just buy the styling stuff which is really good for the money (Using the Moroccan serum, definitely comparable to the more expensive salon stuff).

  3. Oh, wow. I am convinced. My hair is verrrry long (and yet somehow not long enough, I am going for bottom-of-the-butt length, but it’s been stopped at the top of my butt forever now), coarse, and frizzy. Probably dry, but I think that’s less of a problem since I started using higher quality products in my mod-30s. Definitely going to give this line a try!

    P.S. I tried the Olaplex stuff this past Sunday night and I am not sure I noticed a difference. How much are you supposed to use, anyway?

    P.P.S. Do you ever suffer from dry scalp? I have been experiencing that over the past year, with an accompanying, and overwhelmingly terribly flaky issue. I read that some folks recommend scalp exfoliants…I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of this, or tried it? (Or maybe you don’t even need to, which, well, good for you, I guess :P)

    1. Your hair is so pretty! I’m trying to up my hair product game.

      Sooo, I didn’t notice anything with Olaplex. But, I think with 3, it’s something you’ll notice more with a few treatments? Frankly, I was disappointed with my one treatment. I left it one for about 2 hours and then washed out and deep conditioned. My hair was basically the same. I think maybe after a few washings, my hair wasn’t so tangle-y, but I don’t know. It could have been this Klorane too. I’ll do it again (you know that bottle is nothing if you have long hair). I have maybe 2 treatments per bottle. You’re probably 1? Anyway, I was hoping it would change my life. It didn’t. But, I’m not going to form an opinion just yet.

      MY SCALP IS THE DRIEST. This is why I hate dry shampoo, I don’t need it (However, I love the DryBars). My scalp is so easy to irritate and is extremely reactive. As non-glam as it sounds, I use stuff for dandruff which helps (once a week). I do use scrubs, which I like the feel of but I guess a scalp brush could do the same. Some have acids in them, so I think they are probably more effective (it’s not 100% physical). Another thing I like is scalp vinegar. People make their own to remove build-up. Instead I’m using one from a Korean brand, Younghee. I’m not the best at DIY stuff but there are recipes online.

      Really what makes/breaks hair products for me is my fussy, tantrum-throwing scalp. It’s annoying.

  4. Ok, the mango butter line has got to be the next Klorane I buy. I’m thinking it will be a great scent for late spring-early summer. I’ve tried their Magnolia for Shine shampoo and Citrus Pulp for Vitality. I loved the sulfuric smell of the citrus pulp so that’s my fave of the two. My hair does seem to feel healthier when I use their shampoo.

    1. Personally, I love this sort of fragrance because it’s neutral *enough*. At first I thought it’d be something for summer, but having mango in the winter has been really nice.

      I have tried Magnolia, which I liked. I’ve also tried Desert Date. I haven’t tried Citrus. Out of the ones I tried prior to Mango, Date was best for me (it’s for dry hair too). They have a Pomegranate line that I’m curious about. Because they did so good with fruity mango, that I’d like to know what they’d do with Pomegranate.

  5. The only thing from Klorane I’ve ever used was the eye makeup remover when it was sold at Walgreens. Does Walgreens still sell Klorane? Anyway, I wasn’t impressed by it. Your review of the mango line however makes me want to try it. Also, you mentioned that water supply plays a part in how hair products work. A great example of this is that when I was living in MA, I was regularly using Carol’s Daughter black vanilla shampoo. It was a good enough shampoo, smelled nice and played well with my hair but didn’t make my hair look *amazing*. So have since moved back to TX and every time I use the CD black vanilla shampoo, OMG the volume. Nothing about the process changed except water supply. Crazy to think how much of an effect that can have.

    1. You know, they may. It looks like they are carried a lot of places now.

      I haven’t tried the eye makeup remover or dry shampoo, but that Beautyhabit order last month contained travel sizes of both.

      It makes a huge difference. Back in Seattle CD Black Vanilla line was my range of choice. I always got compliments on my hair. It worked for me. Bought it after moving out here. It was so bad that I thought I had bought a fake bottle or that it was reformulated. Nope. It’s the ‘ole tenement pipes and water here. In fact, I haven’t really found much that works with it. The water here is harsh and drying (skin, hair, even my clothes get raggedy faster). When I went to see the in-laws in Ohio, they have sulfur well water…that was an entirely new set of problems I have never thought of…

        1. Really? I didn’t know what I got myself into, lol. I felt like the shampoo/conditioner NEVER was washed out my hair properly. I guess there’s stuff that works but whatever I had was a wreck. Also, omg, coffee and tea made with that stuff. Like, wow. Let’s just hope it has some therapeutic qualities…

          1. Haha I know. I grew up with soft, acidic water, however it was treated city water. It was always a challenge to get all of the soap out of your hair. But I’d never had experience with tap water that had a smell, other than maybe a slight chlorine smell. Tap water that smells like eggs is really not appealing in the morning and yeah, who wants coffee and tea made with that crap?! I mean I guess when you’re out in the country and that’s all you have and it’s free then that’s your only option, but yeah, wow. Probably the best type of shampoo to use with soft water is something without sulfates or any strong surfactants of any kind. Those weren’t readily available back in the 80s/90s in my neck of the woods so spending 20 min just trying to get all of the soap out of your hair was a regular thing.

          2. Sooo, they had an Italian exchange student who ran out screaming in a panic (and in a towel) from the shower the first time basically shouting something like “The sh*t from the toilet is the shower water!” lol. That was basically my first experience too but less dramatic as I was not an Italian teenage boy.

            If I had to spend an extra 20 minutes rinsing, I would have probably shaved my head. I used to be sooo lazy with hair (not that I’m much better now).

  6. I have heard of the Body Shop Banana Shampoo and I have used it. I take the ingredients in my hair care very seriously, and as a professional that has studied the ingredients in hair care I only recommend the best products with the best results and the best ingredients. I do not feel The Body Shops Banana Shampoo or Conditioner fall into this category. I can assure all my readers that I update many of these posts as my knowledge and opinions change!

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