Kiehl’s Essence Oils Rollerball Fragrances

I like fragrance oils and I love rollerball fragrances. They are great to travel with and usually because the fragrance is an oil, the lasting power is nice. I also have no issues with single note fragrances. It isn’t quite an “art” but I still like quality ingredients. Sometimes you don’t want a nicely crafted marinara, you just want a vine-ripened tomato. Kiehl’s has introduced four .23 ounce unisex fragrance oils for $25. There is the original Musk which I love. I rarely wear this fragrance so this size would be perfect for me. This musk isn’t your “white musk” or “Egyptian musk”. It is a bit more heavy and “offensive”. So of course I love it! There is Grapefruit, a nice clean citrus. My skin eats this in no time. This mixes very well with other single note fragrances. There is Vanilla which is very rich and sweet. This isn’t my favorite scent but sometimes in the winter I like to smell of vanilla. It mixes well with other notes too such as bergamot or lavender. Then there is Coriander. I really like this one. It is a bit ctirusy but my skin doesn’t devour it. It wears nice with green tea fragrances, citrus scents, and “wood” scents. It’s a nice refreshing fragrance. I really wish they’d offer a travel size roll-on of Forest Rain.

*Product pic from the brand.