Kerosene Copper Skies EDP Perfume Review

Kerosene Copper Skies

I admire amber for its versatility. It’s a mixture, usually a mixture  of such ingredients like vanilla, benzoin and labdanum. Before a perfumer signs their signature on an amber, they usually decide if they want a resinous amber or a sweeter amber. With Copper Skies, Kerosene decided to be all of the ambers and to throw in a heavy dose of spice and smoke for good measure.

When first testing Copper Skies, my husband says “This is awesome, I get an astringent cedar and a licorice-y Thai basil.” Oh, I’ve taught him well. That’s what I get with Copper Skies too. With Copper Skies, you’ll get more of a dry, resinous amber with clove spiced tobacco leaves. This amber is heavy with copal resins (not a sweet amber). Copper Skies has an animalic quality from honey. Copper Skies starts out as a dry amber and then it gets more gourmand reminding me of a baking gingerbread with grandpa’s pipe smoke coming into the kitchen. And then it transforms into a very animalic honeyed ambergris. Copper Skies is all of the ambers in one!

Copper Skies is a cool take on amber and it does transform on the skin. My warning is Copper Skies is a bit funky and animalic. Those that can’t wear honey will probably want to stay away from this amber. Honey usually does well on me and I admit that this one goes a bit urinous on me.

Easy Rider

Notes listed include amber, cedar, sweet tobacco leaves, honeycomb, basil and cloves. Launch date 2012. PERFUMER – John Pegg

Try Copper Skies if you like amber. Or if you like perfumes like Tom Ford Amber Absolute, M.Micallef Nasreen, Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan, Opus Oils Heavy Sugar and/or Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114. I would consider Copper Skies unisex but as far as ambers go, this one is more masculine.

Projection and longevity are above average.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $140 at MiN NY. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONAll the ambers – smoky, sweet, spicy, resinous. An excellent addition to the world of ambers.

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