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Just Say Eau: Clarins Contour Anti-Eau Treatment Oil Review

Clarins Anti_Eau

I am a sucker for body treatment products. I fall for anything that claims to tighten, firm, or perform miracles to the skin. Here’s the deal. I know that they don’t *actually* work. I just love how they feel. Many cellulite creams and firming gels do have a very temporary effect. Nothing really helps with this stuff except for maybe diet and exercise. There’s a lot of genetic involved. But, this doesn’t stop me from buying these products…I like their feel.

And who does these sort of products the best? The French. They’re all about these firming gels for all the parts of the body (from boobs to butts to legs). This is how I ended up buying Clarins Contour Body Treatment. This one is supposed to help with “water weight”, which I mean, that sounds nuts. How can an oil you smear on your body help with that?! Well, they sold me at “contour” and the fact that I love oils.

This is oil and it benefits from being applied to damp skin. It’s a hazelnut-based oil so its rich and thick. A little bit will go far…and also possibly stain your clothes. It smells like herbs and citrus zest, so one of those “French spa” scents.

I’ve applied this oil monthly for months, doing all the goofy massages that Clarins recommends. Has it done anything? Nope. Not at all. I don’t even get that “temp tighten” sensation that I enjoy from other products with “contour” in the title. All this has helped with is making my dry skin feel moisturized. Oh, and it’s also helped me understand how you believe in something but that doesn’t magically make it work!

I do like the moisture, but buying a hazelnut oil and added some lemon oil to it is a heck of a lot cheaper.

A bottle retails for $64 at Nordstrom and Saks.

*Product purchased by me. Product pic from Fashion Telegraph. Post contains an affiliate link.

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