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Just Peachy: Kiss My Face Organic Lip Balm in Sliced Peach

I’ve been using this Kiss My Face Certified Orangic Lip Balm in Sliced Peach for a few months and I like it. I have a fuzzy food phobia which means I won’t eat peaches or kiwi or anything “fuzzy” but I love the smell of peaches. This smells real and not artificial and has a fresh peach aroma. It is made of 52% certified organic materials if you care about that.  It has Royal Jelly and Vitamin E and a SPF of 15. Most SPF lip products make my lips feel itchy, uncomfortable and cause a burning raw sensation. This does not which is a big plus. I can’t figure out why some do. This is my “outdoor” lip balm because of the SPF factor. It isn’t too thick or thin. It doesn’t have an offensive odor. It doesn’t last very long because it isn’t a thick lip balm. I do reapply more frequently than with most other products. This doesn’t bother me since I carry it with me and have no applying makeup in public hangups. You can keep reapplying it and it doesn’t get waxy, slimy or hard on the lips. It retails for $3.49 which isn’t a horrible price. You can buy it at Kiss My Face online store.

P.S. Look at comments below for a 30% off coupon code from Kiss My Face!


*Product purchased by me. Product pic from the brand. Peaches from wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “Just Peachy: Kiss My Face Organic Lip Balm in Sliced Peach

  1. hi, i lead the marketing for Kiss My Face and saw your blog entry on our SPF 15 lip balm. We really appreciate that you like our products enough to recommend to your family and friends. Also, to answer your question on why this SPF product may not irritate you like others, our lip balms have only natural spf which is titanium dioxide. when a product gets above spf 18, you need to add artificial ingredients which the products you have had issues with may have contained. As a small token of thanks for recommending our products, please use and share code KMFBLOG3 at until 10/1/08 for 30% off of any order. And if you ever have questions or comments about our products, please email me at thank, Lewis Goldstein, VP Marketing

  2. Thanks!
    I will share. It’s a great time to buy guys. Try it, see that I’m not lying:) And with a discount!
    I love a lot of your products, I’ll be ordering soon. Everyone try the shave cream! And the Peaceful Patchouli body lotion smells wonderful layered under the Prada EDP.

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