Juniper Ridge Topanga Canyon Natural Perfume Oil Review

Juniper Ridge Topanga Canyon

I’ve been a long-time supported of Juniper Ridge because I love what they are doing. To sum it up, a group of outdoors enthusiasts drive around in a van and collect botanicals and distill them on the spot creating perfumes. Because of this, the scents are limited edition. Topanga Canyon is like distilling California’s coastal mountains in the spring and putting it in a bottle. They do it all: wild-harvest, distill and hand-craft the perfumes.

Topanga Canyon is bitter spring greens and damp bark. It’s like tarragon and turpentine. It becomes oak. A dried-out, warm oak, almost like a wine barrel. There’s a hint of saline and astringent greens.

Juniper Ridge is a line that you love or don’t. They’re very earthy, Americana perfumes. Personally, I love their aesthetic and I love the weirdness of their perfumes. If you read the note list and are expecting a lilac covered in ozonic dew, you will be disappointed. This isn’t a designer perfume. Honestly, it’s not going to smell pretty.

Topanga State Park

Notes listed include endless wildflower meadows, wild lilac nectar, springtime sage, rain-wet oaks and creek-carved mountain swimming holes. Launched in 2014.

Give Topanga Canyon a try if you like natural essences, the outdoors or if you are looking for something incredibly different.

Projection and longevity are below average.

Due to travel, moving and illness, I was late reviewing these. This is a limited edition small batch. The perfume oil is sold out (it retailed for $75). The alcohol-based cologne is still available, 1 oz for $65 at Juniper Ridge and at Beautyhabit.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Bitter spring greens and oak. Southern Californian canyons.

If you like the idea of these, but not as a personal fragrance, check out the cabin sprays, they’re awesome.

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