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Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Cedar Soap Review

I’ve fallen hard for the Juniper Ridge line. This makes sense since I love woodsy and evergreen fragrances. And…Juniper Ridge is a West Coast brand with products scented from the lovely forests that we have here. Being that I split my free time between fragrance boutiques and the woods, it would make sense that I would love this brand.

Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Cedar is scented with Port Orford Cedar that grows in the Klamath Region. Port Orford Cedar is really unique because it smells like cedar; however, it has a spicier, ginger-like aroma that verges on fruity. The ginger isn’t “hot”  like dried ginger. The ginger quality to Siskiyou Cedar is more like fresh ginger. This Juniper Ridge bar soap smells like the real deal.

I’m hooked on this Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Cedar Soap. It is the best fragrance for this time of year. It’s not your average cedar soap. It isn’t sporty or generic smelling. It smells like the trimmings of living and growing *cedar/cypress. This is the best evergreen scented soap that I have ever used. It is an amazing fragrance and I recommend this soap for those that love evergreen and woodsy scents. This is a forest in bar form. The soap is highly fragrant. It fragrances the entire top floor of my house. The scent is unisex and my husband is in love with it to.

The bar is a bit small for $6 in my opinion. My guess is that it could last 3-4 weeks if kept out of the shower. This soap will melt like crazy if left in the shower. The formula is oil based, made with a plethora of natural oils. So, it’s moisturizing. It also lathers nicely for a natural soap. First use is a bit difficult because there seems to be a hardened film on the soap, but once it is warmed up it lathers nicely. This is a wonderful natural, organic formula.

*And to further confuse you. Siskiyou Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, and Lawson’s Cypress are all the same thing. It’s an evergreen that grows in Oregon and parts of California.

Juniper Ridge bar soap retails for $6 and is available at Juniper Ridge and Beautyhabit. On the West Coast you can find these at local grocers and places like Whole Foods. And 10% of the profits go to defending the Western Wilderness, find out what that exactly means here.

10 thoughts on “Juniper Ridge Siskiyou Cedar Soap Review

  1. This sounds really nice, it’s too bad they don’t make liquid soap/shower gel! My skin doesn’t like any soap in bar form, no matter how moisturizing it is. The fragrance sounds so lovely.

    1. I can’t use a bar soap daily but my husband can. I seem to enjoy the fragrance that is left in the house after his shower just as much as using it, so it’s a nice arrangement 🙂
      This line sells many things including incense, smudge sticks, sachets, tea, and essential oils. I haven’t tried any of these other items other than sniffing them at the store. I really want the essential oils to burn as a home fragrance. The Cascade Glacier is the perfect holiday scent!

  2. I’ll have to keep an eye out for this. It sounds really nice! I love woodsy scents too. Hopefully they have hit at my local Whole Foods. If not, I’ll be sure to add one to my next Beautyhabit order:) I bought a woodsy soap from them last year as a stocking stuffer and it worked out well for my husband. Thanks for the review!

    1. My husband loves this stuff! Beauty Habit also has adorable, affordable gift sets in this scent with sachet and tea.

    1. Yikes! I guess they’ll start being one of those every now and then indulgences at our house now.

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