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Juniper Ridge Natural Room Spray Reviews

La Push Washington

Juniper Ridge is the only line out there that truly captures the smells of the Pacific Northwest. The smells aren’t a concept or an interpretation. They are a destination. They’re wildcrafted products with essences distilled from the various wild plants of the West. My husband has been using the soaps for years. The line has expanded over the years and now includes home and personal fragrances. And they are unlike any other on the market.

Juniper Ridge Room Sprays are little amber spray bottles filled with the rugged wilderness. They are destinations, an escape from a stuffy office or urban apartment. The room sprays are 100% natural made from wild crafted steam-distilled essential oils in a water carrier. Once sprayed, they seem to linger for about 5-15 minutes.

Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier

Cascade Glacier – Inspired by the Cascades here in the Pacific Northwest. It smells naturally citrusy of Douglas firs, verging on evergreen pineapple at times. It’s naturally cool and ozonic. It really smells like the Cascades. Trust me.

Juniper Ridge Big Sur

Big Sur – Inspired by Northern California, Big Sur smells like astringent dry cedar and needles. I also pick up an antiseptic sage.

Juniper Ridge Steep Ravine

Steep Ravine – I smell the mushrooms in Steep Ravine or it’s my brain telling me that it smells like I will find mushrooms in this location. I get a wintergreen cedar mixed with bay laurel. And yes, Douglas firs. Husband picked up this bottle, sniffed and says, “Douglas fir”. This is more terpenoid than the other one that I suspect has Douglas fir.

I think these make awesome gifts for the holidays. And if you don’t have space for a Christmas tree or if you have a faux Christmas tree, buy Steep Ravine and spray it. It’s a fir tree. It’s festive.

A 2 oz. bottle retails for $20 at Beautyhabit. 

*Disclaimer – Product provided by Juniper Ridge. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks! La Push, Washington pic is mine. Product pics are from Beautyhabit.

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