Juara Rice Facial Cleanser Review

Juara Rice Facial Cleanser

This is a softening rinse-off facial cleanser loaded with rice starch (a good thing for the skin) for all skin types. This facial cleanser “evokes the traditional Indonesian ritual of rice water rinse”. I don’t know how much you know about Juara as a brand…Juara is a skincare line that uses traditional Indonesian beauty and skincare ingredients founded by four modern women with brains, beauty, and a connection to their ancestry.

My experience: After reading that this cleanser has rice starch, I couldn’t wait to try this. In the past, I have purchased bar soap from Asian markets that were loaded with rice starch. When I would use these soaps, my entire body would feel so smooth and “buffed”. I seriously can’t think of any other soaps that can make my skin feel so touchable and soft. Juara Rice Facial Cleanser is a pearly off-white colored gel, medium consistency. It lathers but doesn’t foam. I have used it with my Shiseido Brush and it foams a little bit more when used with the facial brush. It rinses off easily. My skin feels clean afterward but not tight or uncomfortable. I follow with a cotton pad with toner. There’s still some residue but not much. This is why I use toner, right? I have this happen with all facial cleansers. This cleanser actually leaves my skin feeling soft, like those rice starch soaps do for my body. I’m so surprised that I can get softness from a cleanser. I mean use the same things: I tone, use a serum, use a moisturizer, and my skin feels softer. The only thing in my routine that changed was substituting this cleanser. My skin is so soft, buffed feeling. I can see why this is one of Juara’s most popular products. It’s instant gratification. I use it once and then my skin feels good.

Scent: I’m a scent person…A faint creamy, sweet rice scent. I really like the light aroma of this facial cleanser. It smells like sweetened rice water. I find this scent very comforting. It reminds me a bit of the scent in their Candlenut products.

Who’s this cleaner for? Anyone that wants softer feeling skin. Including those going through “later in life” hormonal changes and sun damaged skins. This cleanser is recommended for most skin types, but I see this working extremely well uneven, patchy, “thick” or rough skin. If you want instant gratification in the area of softness, then try this cleanser.

Who isn’t this cleanser for? If you want major “sudz” then you won’t like this. This foams but isn’t “bubbly”. That means you won’t like this cleanser if you like that squeaky clean, tight feeling that some cleansers give. (Some people like that.) I know this is recommended for most skins, but I see oily skins not liking this. I think oily combo would be fine, but truly oily skins may not like the feel. This cleanser is also a bit pricey. I say if you are to splurge on your skincare routine, go for a moisturizer or serum.

I really like this cleanser. I had my husband test this cleanser. He is in his late 20’s, normal to oily “man” skin. I can’t get him to consistently use a skincare routine because he “doesn’t like any of them” but then he’ll gripe about skin related issues. Anyways, he tried this cleanser. He won’t follow-up with a moisturizer (causes “zits”), but he’s so cute. He says, “My skin feels so good that I can’t stop touching it! I’m going to give myself acne.” But, I agree. I couldn’t stop touching my skin either after switching to this. Oh, I hope he doesn’t read this. Don’t want to embarrass him 🙂

A 4.75 oz bottle of Juara Rice Facial Cleanser retails for $29 at Juara. 

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