Joya FvsS Composition No.1 Perfume Oil Review

Joya No. 1 Perfume Oil Review

Joya Composition No. 1 is one of two luxury fragrances recently launched by niche brand, Joya. When I first applied Joya Composition No.1 perfume oil, I had a flashback. It took me back to my younger perfume counter days. Joya Composition No.1 reminded me of an epic floral but I couldn’t name it! This of course, like forgetting a familiar word, is driving me crazy. I couldn’t focus on the fragrance because I was too busy trying to compare it to an “obvious” fragrance. Givenchy came to mind, hmm…or was it Oscar….YSL? So familiar but something I haven’t worn in many, many years. Has this ever happened to you?  Oh, well. I’ve decided to focus on the fragrance and maybe I’ll remember.

Joya Composition No.1 is elegant. This is why I’m thinking of a classic. This fragrance is well put together, polished, sophisticated. It has that classic feel. I know that Joya is marketing their line as unisex. However, I see Composition No.1 as completely feminine. A lady fragrance, a classic beauty. The fragrance opens with citrus but it isn’t effervescent. It is a very “perfumey” citrus that makes me think of those classics such as Oscar de la Renta or Givenchy Organza or Ysatis. It’s fresh, green, and on the soapy side. It’s very “French”. Slightly aldehylic but not enough so to turn people (mainly “younger” people) off. I get lots of mandarin and sweet orange oil. There’s an unexpected wintergreen note, not listed but I smell its coolness with the warm citrus. The fruits and citrus are never alone and that’s what makes it very French too me. The florals are warm, golden, dazzling adding so much to the soapy, green citrus. I get the white florals: tuberose and jasmine are very noticeable. On me the heliotrope is subtle, adding a faint powderiness that makes the white florals resemble ylang-ylang. The florals in this are “clean and green” too despite their usual heaviness. I get lots of the rose and my sniffer immediately detects it’s Damask. The rose adds a watery, green freshness to the humid white florals. At this stage, I am reminded of Givenchy Amarige because the florals are rich, slightly powdery but somehow warm and golden. This is an intense floral amber fragrance with a solar feel. I sum up Composition No 1 in one word: dazzling. The dry-down is super soft version of the humid white florals with a clean musk. When I sniff the dry-down,  I do smell a unisex fragrance.

I really like Composition No.1. It’s radiance and warmth infers femininity and elegance. I love the lasting power of the perfume oil. I’m talking 8+ hours of wear. The perfume oil mixes well with my skin, wearing closely but not too close. This is a very dazzling, radiant fragrance that conjures up some of those popular “classics”. I think those that like classic, elegant fragrances would like Joya Composition No.1. I also think the price of the roll-on makes this a wonderful fragrance for those that lack those classic French fragrances in their wardrobe. Hey, all women want to smell elegant at some time, right? The thing about Composition No.1 that makes it different than those classics is that it is somehow has a casual feel (like Oscar de la Renta Oscar). I can see Composition No.1 being worn with a LBD or a pair of jeans. I think the oil base makes it feel less “stuffy”.

Notes listed include: Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange, quince, heliotrope, tuberose, jasmin, camellia, Damask rose, sandalwood, pale musk, and tonka bean.

Give Joya Composition No. 1 a try if you are looking for a classy, polished floral amber or if you like fragrances such as Oscar de la Renta Oscar, Givenchy Amarige EDT, Givenchy Ysatis EDT, Givenchy Organza EDP, Dyptique L’Ombre dans L’eau EDT, Estee Lauder Beautiful EDP, Boucheron EDP, and/or Caron Aimez Moi. I’m still upset that I can’t remember what Joya No.1 reminds me of! Perhaps, all of these, a modern take, in a sleek and affordable roll-on?

The perfume roll-on retails for $28. The perfume oil in the handcrafted porcelain vessel retails for $112. I have reviewed the travel friendly roll-on. Joya fragrances can be purchased at  Beautyhabit. More info on the new Joya fragrances here.

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    1. I think you may like the other Composition, it’s a fresh evergreen scent. I like Composition No.1 but Composition No. 6 is much more me. It’s like a breath of fresh air!

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