Joya Composition No. 6 Perfume Oil Review

Joya Composition No. 6 perfume

Joya Composition No. 6 is a fresh, woodsy-green, slightly masculine perfume oil that can be summed up as “invigorating”. It’s gin-like juniper, cold water lotus, and frigid fresh air layered over cedarwood shavings and saffron.

Composition No. 6 is very foresty but not in a Christmas scented candle or “sporty” aftershave wave. It really does smell like sniffing cypress and juniper needles. There’s a spicy-freshness to this that reminds me of the aroma of gin. Composition No. 6 is more gin-like with citrus flavored soda. There’s a “fresh air” accord to No. 6. This all sounds generic: evergreen forest and fresh air. But, it really smells good, like a perfume version of the real deal. I typically dislike things with aquatic or “fresh air” accords but it all works in this perfume blend. It reminds me of breathing in fresh, clean forest air. It reminds me of the first time I visited the rainforest here in Washington. It was damp, salt air in a crisp forest. I felt like I have never breathed before. Breathing was so easy in this environment. It was an earthy, cool freshness. No. 6 is a cleaned up version of this “feeling”. And it’s been mixed with gin and some aquatic blossoms. The dry down is warmer with spicy cedar and a subtle savory saffron. But, the evergreen never leaves. No. 6 stays evergreen.

Mt. Rainier

Notes listed include Fujian cypress, juniper berries, yuzu, lotus leaves and blossoms, fresh air accord, meadowgrass, cedarwood, saffron, and amber.

Give Joya Composition No. 6 a try if you like foresty fresh fragrances like Byredo Gypsy Water, Creed Royal Water, CK 1, Demeter Gin & Tonic, and/or Vitabath Spring Green Bath Gelee (seriously).

Composition No. 6 is surprisingly long wearing like a “parfum”. It is an oil and it has mega sillage and stays that way until dry-down. A little dab goes far. I imagine that the soap is really good, like an upscale and interesting Irish Spring. I do think of No. 6 as more masculine but if anyone that likes evergreen scents should be able to easily wear No. 6.

The perfume roll-on that I reviewed retails for $28. Totally worth it. There is a porcelain perfume vessel that retails for $112. The line is available at Indie Scents.

Victoria’s Final EauPinion I like No. 6, a “spruced” up gin and tonic (pun intended). I do think No. 6 is suited better as a masculine, a nice substitute for more boring “fresh” mainstream guy’s colognes with the addition of saffron and water lotus. And the price is good. Props to Joya, a niche line, for being thoughtful and affordable (well at least with their travel size).

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Disclaimer – This product was provided by Joya. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product photo is from Indie Scents. Mt. Rainier photo is EauMG’s, my view 😉

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    1. It is good but like with the OLO line, I wish this was in an EDP format. I prefer sprays and I think it would benefit from being in an alcohol base. It’s still good but I think it could be better 😉

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