Jolie Laide Jules et Jim EDP Natural Perfume Review

Jolie Laide Jules et Jim

Jolie Laide Jules et Jim is one of those perfumes that smells antique. It’s not that it smells like a vintage or “antique” perfume, it’s that it reminds me of antiques.

Jules et Jim is all about the oakmoss. And to me, this oakmoss gives it this dark, antique feel. It smells old which isn’t a jab. I’m not saying it smells “off” but I’m saying that it smells like antiques. Jules et Jim opens with dried lavender buds. There’s a balsamic quality to it. It dries down to a bitter, dry and green oakmoss with a tobacco-like tonka.

In conclusion, Jules et Jim reminds me of antique shopping. It’s worn, slightly rugged and smells like something you can’t go buy “new” today. It has a nice “sepia” hue to it.

Alice Terry

Notes listed include oakmoss, tonka bean, clary sage, rose geranium, lavender and bergamot. PERFUMER – Heather Kaufman

Give Jules et Jim a try if you like oakmoss. Or if you like perfumes like Portland General Store Moss, LUSH Devil’s Night CapAlchemologie Sol de la Foret and/or DSH Perfumes Pandora. Jules et Jim is unisex and does lean more “masculine”.

Projection and longevity are below average (which isn’t completely abnormal for all-naturals).

Jules et Jim comes in a few sizes with prices ranging from $110-$125 at Jolie Laide. Samples are also available for purchase.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided in a FRAGments “swag bag”. I am not financially compensated for my review. My opinions are my own.  Product pic from Jolie Laide. Alice Terry from

2 thoughts on “Jolie Laide Jules et Jim EDP Natural Perfume Review

  1. Interesting – it smells like antique shopping. I love love love antiques and of course antique shopping (esp to fill space in our 1911 farmhouse), but I’m not sure I’d love to smell like that. An interesting concept. I guess you never know until you try!

    1. I haven’t been antique shopping in forever. This scent must have motivated as we went last weekend 🙂 We used to go a lot more when we had a house built in the 1930’s. Your place sounds adorable.

      That’s what I say about all perfumes. You really don’t know until you try 🙂

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