Jennifer Aniston EDP Perfume Review

Jennifer Aniston perfume

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Like so many of you, when I heard that Jennifer Aniston was launching a perfume I thought “why now?”. I don’t have an answer for you other than “because she can, anytime, anywhere”.

I am positive that back in the day when I used fabric softener that I have used one that smells just like the Jennifer Aniston perfume. Moving on…

It’s Ivory soap and orange blossom mixed with China Rain. OK, maybe not exactly but on first wear this is what I thought. With continued sampling, I got the soapy orange blossom and jasmine. I don’t mind this, it’s almost a nostalgic scent to me reminding of incense my family burned when I was a kid. The heart starts to lose the citrus blossom tarteness and becomes more of a fresh floral with more clean jasmine. And then it gets musky, reminding me exactly of dryer sheets. Not a bad fragrance – fresh, clean, floral. Actually, I hate to admit it but this one grew on me with continued sampling. I liked that it smelled like a China Rain dryer sheet.

Overall the scent is very, very safe. Personally, I find it dull. But, what do you expect from a person that had the same hairstyle for 15 years? Jennifer has always hit me as one that plays it safe, not a risk taker. And this scent plays it safe. And that’s fine because most people play it safe since they can’t evaluate risk. And this may be a dull fragrance, but it doesn’t smell bad.

Gene Kelly hanging up laundry

Notes listed include citrus grove accord, rose water, jasmine, violet, Amazon lily, musk, amber and sandalwood.

Give it a try if you like Philosophy Baby Grace, Philosophy Amazing Grace, Child, China Rain, J.Lo Glow, and/or Lili Bermuda Lili. If you like the scent of LUSH Rub Rub Rub Scrub, then you’ll love this. The Jennifer Aniston fragrance is feminine in my opinion. And it’s something to try if you like the Philosophy perfume line. This is a perfume for people that aren’t really into perfume but like to smell pleasant.

This scent has average projection and above average longevity in my opinion. The floral musk in this really sticks to my skin.

Jennifer Aniston perfume comes in many sizes with prices ranging from $12-$70 at Sephora. And you can find it discounters like Lily Direct and Fragrancenet.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONClean, soapy orange blossom over dryer sheets. A fragrance playing it safe. And if you know me personally, I’m a risk taker. And if I were to make a fragrance and name it after myself, it would not be playing it safe.

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston EDP Perfume Review

  1. “This is a perfume for people who aren’t really into perfume” cracks me up!

    Victoria – I don’t know you personally and I know your eponymous fragrance would not be playing it safe!

    1. Truth is the world needs perfume for those people. And at least this doesn’t smell bad. It achieves its goal of “good”.

      And to be fair to Jen, her hair was cute for 15 years 🙂 Safe isn’t always a bad thing 😉

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