Jane Booke Taken EDP Perfume Review

Jane Booke Taken

Some background – Jane Booke is a fashion designer in California. Her style is very Californian romantic bohemian. Taken is her only fragrance.

To summarize the story behind Taken, Jane Booke created the fragrance for herself with no intentions of selling it. While out one day, a man basically stalked her. OK, stalking is not the appropriate word to use here. Luckily for Jane, the guy was not a creep. He wanted to know what perfume she was wearing so he could buy it for his wife. She explained to him that it was something that she made for herself. He still really wanted it. Jane took Taken to the market.

So, I read the story. I thought, “OK, so one guy tracked Jane down to ask her about her perfume. She’s attractive, maybe he was flirting?” But, I think there is something to Taken that my xx chromosomes don’t understand.

I test a different perfume daily. My husband knows this is my hobby. He’s neutral of my scent obsession. He says that I’m a “sensual, sentimental” person and my hobby isn’t odd to him. My husband, David, rarely ever compliments me on my perfume. I’ll occasionally stick a wrist under his nose and ask, “What do you think of this?” and I’ll get a word like “no”, “cheap” or “hippie”. And that’s that.

One afternoon, I applied a few sprays of Taken and went about my usual routine. David comes home. Out of nowhere, he says, “Whatever you’re wearing smells amazing. I don’t care how much it costs, I want you to have a bottle.” So, what I’m getting at is that I don’t think Jane was fibbing with her perfume story. Some men really want their wives to smell like Taken. Hmmm…now the name makes sense…

Taken opens up as a fruity, ripe vanilla that reminds me of mango yogurt. It’s creamy and yummy with enough fruit “fuzz” to make it interesting. The vanilla is sweet but not cloying because of the fruity lift. With time, the vanilla becomes more “toasted” and gets a hint of brown sugar with a balsamic vanilla and faint tropical jasmine. The base is a Mugler Angel-ish with vanilla, patchouli and dark cocoa powder. The base becomes more of a sweet, warm patchouli. It’s such a cozy, warm fragrance. Gourmand lovers, you should try it.

Suzanne Pleshette

Notes listed include essential vanilla, French vanilla, mango, peach, bergamot, jasmine, muget, patchouli and chocolate.

Give Taken a try if you like vanilla perfumes or perfumes like Huitieme Art Manguier Metisse, Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Fleur de Comores, i Profumi di Firenze Vaninglia del Madagascar, Mugler Angel, Boyfriend, and/or Sage Topaz. Taken is a sweet vanilla fragrance that leans more towards the feminine end of the spectrum because of the fruits and faint tropical jasmine. If you are looking for a creamy, dreamy vanilla, try this. I think it could work for any gender that wants to smell like a sweet vanilla.

The scent has average projection and above average longevity. It really, really lasts. I get over 12 hours of wear from it. Because of its thickness, I do not recommend it for warmer climates. This is a cool weather scent in my opinion. Think “cozy”.

The scent comes in 2 sizes with prices ranging from $54-$84  at Beautyhabit.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMango vanilla yogurt floral with more vanilla over rich, sweet patchouli. It’s a sweet vanilla fragrance but I really like it. So does my husband. I think it’s one of the best sweet vanillas around. The only problem I have with this scent is the bottle. I don’t think it looks like a luxury perfume at all despite smelling like a luxury gourmand.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Jane Booke’s PR. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Indie Scents. Suzanne Pleshette photo from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Jane Booke Taken EDP Perfume Review

    1. Yes, it does. That’s my only complaint. And I guess that is a large complaint. But, the stuff inside smells really good. The mango in this is really good.
      It’s what Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot should have been.

  1. My Mr. really likes it when I wear Manguier Metisse. Wonder if husbands just like us to smell like vanilla-y mango scents?

    1. It’s a fairly simple fragrance but it smells good. And for some reason it does seem men love it! Go figure.

  2. Your review made me laugh. I had gotten a sample of this with an order and when I tried it my hubby liked it too. His comment was unsolicited as well. I guess men like fruity vanilla. It is a nice vanilla scent.

    1. I don’t get it but they seem to like it. I mean as far as fruity vanillas go, there are tons out there that are terrible. This one is good.

      Seriously, what is it with the fruity vanillas and men?

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