Jacomo Silences EDP Perfume Sublime Review

Jacomo Silences

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Jacomo Silences has always been one of my “top 15” perfumes. Actually, so many of those popular 1970’s feminines are in my “top 15” now that I think about it. In 2012, Silences was reformulated. The word “reformulation” makes me sick. I avoided sampling the new Silences because I feared what could have happened to this green floral from 1978. I didn’t want to see a stupid update with an addition of lychee or white musk that may appeal to a younger audience. Long story short, I tried the new Silences. And I was blown away. The reformulated stuff is actually better than what I have in my collection. I didn’t know it was possible but they’ve improved Silences.

Silences is green but not as sharp as the original. Aldehydes shine like little dew drops on fresh spring flowers. It’s a “soft green” vs. the “sharp green” of the original. The heart is a dewy bouquet of spring florals – pale pink roses, purple iris and white narcissus. It’s all of the colors that I long for in the dead of winter. It’s all the smells that I long for in the dead of winter. I wear this on a gloomy day and I feel hopeful. Brights skies are ahead… The dry-down is a “green” vetiver woods with white musk.

If you like green florals, you’ve got to try this. It’s a stunner.

Suzy Parker

Notes listed include galbanum, blackcurrant buds, aldehydes, pear, Damask rose, iris, narcissus, vetiver, sandalwood, woods and musk. Reissue date 2012. PERFUMER – Serge Majoullier

Give Silences a try if you like green scents. Or if you like perfumes like Prescriptives (now Clinique) Calyx, Chanel No. 19, Sisley Eau de Campagne, Balmain Ivoire de Balmain and/or Maison Martin Margiela Untitled.

Projection and longevity is average.

The 3.4 oz retails for $79 at New London Pharmacy. You can also find it at discounters like 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA luscious green bouquet. You guys, this is so good. I actually prefer “eau sublime” over the original. I love this stuff so.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Crafting Beauty. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Fragrantica. Suzy Parker 1953 from Vogue.  contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Jacomo Silences EDP Perfume Sublime Review

  1. Is there anyway to tell which version is original and which is reformulation? I purchased mine from an online discounter. thank you!

    1. The bottles are super similar but if you have the new version, it should say “eau sublime” on the bottle. You should find this on the front or the bottom of the bottle. If it doesn’t have this, then it’s the “original” version. 🙂

  2. Very useful review, thanks. I love green scents but I found the jasmine in Chanel Cristalle to be a bit too feminine for me. How unisex is Silences?

    1. As you know, it’s all really subjective and it’s difficult for me to say. When I write reviews, I try my best to describe their “wearability” based on my personal experiences and comparisons to other popular perfumes.

      I would say that if you didn’t feel comfortable in Cristalle that Silences Sublime may be too feminine for you as well. It has galbanum and vetiver but there is a healthy dose of “spring” flowers. Now if you see this out and about, try it and see. It really is a great perfume for the money. I wouldn’t recommend blind-buying it based on your experience with Cristalle.

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