J05EPH K 9/Clouds EDP Perfume Review

J05EPH K 9/Clouds EDP Perfume review

J05EPH K 9/Clouds is accurately named. When wearing this fragrance, I feel like I am falling backwards into a dreamy, soft down-feather mattress that never ends. 9/Clouds is soft and surrounds me. It’s the ultimate in comfort. 9/Clouds is like the perfect night’s sleep (which is a luxury for many of us).

9/Clouds is a a cool, rooty iris layered with apricot cream. The cocoa and a warm, clean musk show up. Now I can’t stop sniffing myself. This top is amazing. With time, 9/Clouds warms up. The jasmine is light and sheer over cuddly lactones and a warm, nutty amber. The base is so soft: dry, salty drift wood and velvety whipped cream. It’s ambroxan and it wears this way for much of the wear. Why? Because ambroxan sticks to the skin like no other. You’ll get your money’s worth our of Clouds. On a summer day, I get 12+ hours wear out of this juice. And about 11 hours of that is the base.

Edward Weston 1937

Is 9/Clouds “original”? Not really. Ambroxan is a bit en vogue, so we’ve seen many niche companies come out with a similar formula sans the iris. However, many of those niche houses are too big for their britches, charging over $120 for a bottle of diluted ambroxan. At least, Jo5EPHK’s is a little more affordable, even more niche/artisanal, and a little more interesting with the notes of iris and apricot. This is not just a bottle of diluted ambroxan! If you want an ambroxan perfume in your stash, give this one a try. Is it unisex? Yes.

Notes listed include apricot, cream, amber, cocoa, iris, rose, jasmine, ambroxan, and dry wood accord.

Give Jo5EPHK 9/Clouds a try if you like creamy woodsy comfort scents or perfumes like Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume or Calamity J, Le Labo Another 13, Escentric Molecules Molecule 02, and/or Byredo M/Mink. 

The 1 oz. microbatch bottle of 9/Clouds retails for $65 at J05EPHK’s on-line boutique.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – I wish the top would last forever. But, it doesn’t. I say give this a try if you like creamy ambroxan. I’d rather have this perfume over any other ambroxan heavy “niche” perfumes any day. 9/Clouds has become one of my favorite “sleepy time” scents, because it’s soft, comforting, and wears very “mellow”/linear. A beautiful skin scent.

*Disclaimer – A sample of this product was provided by the house. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product picture is from J05EPH K.
Edward Weston “Rain Over Modoc Lava Beds”, 1937 from

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