Demeter Vinyl Pick-Me-Up Cologne Fragrance Review


I bought this because my husband wanted me to. The Demeter website states that To understand Demeter’s Vinyl think of the smell of those car seats from 1970’s, or a sort of PVC jacket from the same era. Not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak. But then, it doesn’t have to be, does it. He wanted to relive memories of as a kid ridding in the back of a gigantic Buick with those hot, cracked vinyl seats. When I received this product it had all of these white floaties. This is normal. The website says that this happens. When I shake the product it gets milky cloudy.

It is not a weathered vinyl that you would find on an old car seat or boat upholstery. It isn’t a Michael Jackson jacket. This scent is strangely pretty. So much so that I thought my smeller was broken. This fragrance is almost “powdery” and like ylang-ylang. It smells “white”. At times it reminds me of orris root when I wear it on my skin. When worn it smells feminine and old-fashioned. For a few seconds it reminds me of that strange synthetic smell of lets see, an inflatable sun raft. But, then that vanishes and leaves this strange synthetic pretty note. It’s like a powder that was stored in a plastic bottle.

I find this so strange. I question myself all the time with this fragrance. Maybe it is just my body chemistry or something. But, it is so strange. I’d love to hear others comment on this. It’s like this fragrance would be totally wearable if mixed with a floral note or something. It’s crazy insane. Or maybe I am.

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