Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

The last time I wore extensions was when a Hilton was more popular than a Kardashian. So yeah, that was a long time ago. After my “fire engine red/candy color” club kid hair days, I went for a more angular bob that I was very happy with. But, I easily get bored. When I do something for too long, I have to do the complete opposite. This is why I’ve grown out my hair (that and finding a new hairdresser in a new city gives me anxiety). Since I’m one that likes extremes, I’ve tried clip-in extensions by Irresistible Me to give me a different look.

Royal Remy #10 Royal Ash Blonde 200g, 18″ Length

This includes: 10 pieces/wefts: 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)

Impressions –  These come shipped in re-sealable plastic bags and a sturdy box. I was amazed by how much hair this is!* I could easily use half of it and look great. In fact, I usually do. Using all the wefts makes me look like I’m some celeb. It’s almost too much for non-event wear. The hair itself is really nice, really thick. The clips are strong. And the clips need to be because this is a lot of hair!

When clipped in, the 18″ length hits below my bra strap. I’m 5’9 so it’s a great length for me. “Royal Remy” varies from the other clip-ins offered because it’s the same thickness from top to bottom of the weft. This means that it doesn’t taper.

Irresistible Me Ash Blonde


The shade: Ash Blonde #10 – Irresistible Me has been around for years, so you can find a lot of shades online if you do a quick online search. For me, it was intimidating. I didn’t know which shade to get. I went lighter so I could dye them to match my hair. I also found a few bloggers wearing the Ash Blonde extensions and they had similar coloring to me. I tried them without dying and was surprised that they sort of worked. At the time, I had highlights so it all sort of blended in and looked intentional. Ash Blonde is one of those darker blonde,light brown shades. It’s not as ashy as my own hair but it isn’t as warm as the other blondes and brunette shades that the line offers. The pictured above is me wearing the extensions directly from the box!

Like I said, I can’t leave my hair alone. I dyed over my highlights with a demi-permanent ash brown shade. I ended up dying these extensions to match (pictured below). Since the hair is multi-faceted in tone, the color looks natural. It doesn’t look “flat”. It matches my hair which underneath the demi dye has highlights. Unless your hair is platinum or pitch black, I actually recommend buying a lighter shade and dying to match, especially if you already dye your hair.

Irresistible Me clip in hair extensions


ALSO – If you open all the extensions, you can’t return them. They give you a small weft to sample so you can decide if it works for you. If you find it to be something you can’t work with, return or exchange them.

How to –  There’s a lot of ways to clip in your extensions. There are so many blog posts and videos. These are all great guides but really it takes practice to figure out what works for you. You start to realize that placement is a subtle art and you figure out what looks the most natural/realistic for your face and your haircut. You will want to tease the roots. Some people also do this little rubber band method (video here). I can’t do that to myself as easily, so I tease and hairspray. Also, clipping in to hair that isn’t squeaky clean is ideal. If you did just wash, use a hair powder and hair spray for “grip”.

For me, I’ve found that I’m actually good using half the wefts in the Royal Remy set! This is going to make this set last a long time. I have a feeling I’m going to get double the wear out of these because of that.


Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Care – It’s easy. You wash them and let them dry. You can heat style them, all of that. You can use product. It’s like your own hair. I’ve washed these and there was minimal shedding. Less shedding than when I wash my own hair! To preserve the hair, wash as infrequently as hygienically possible. This will not get oily so there’s really no reason to wash them. I mean, I guess if they picked up a weird odor, you’d wash. But, I’d recommend using a hair perfume (I love Byredo) to extend the longevity of the extensions (the life span of clip-ins are usually 3-9 months). I store my extensions on a wooden clip hanger in my closet (actually a couple of hangers because it’s a lot of hair). This keeps them tangle free.

As you can see, this is a ton of hair! This much hair is really “new” to me so I’m always startled by it (mainly because even though my hair is longer, I still think of myself as having short hair). Saying that, it’s dramatic and for me, that was the point. I really like the look but I don’t wear the extensions daily. It’s too much for my daily life. If you have fine or thinner hair, I do not recommend the 200g set. Go for less grams! This hair is so thick that I’ve tried pulling it back into a ponytail numerous times…and every single time it breaks the hair tie. I also think the 18″ length is perfect for me. Any longer than this would be too “editorial” for me.

Do I think these are “worth it”? Absolutely! I highly recommend these to anyone wanting human hair clip-in extensions that are a good value. I’m actually astonished at what good quality they are for the money. I’m not going to lie, I thought they wouldn’t be very good, but I was wrong! I wish they made clip in bangs, because I’d be all over those too.

Irresistible Me is always running amazing sales, so if you get on their mailing list or check the site frequently, you will find them for a good price. The set I’ve reviewed retails for $289 at Irresistible Me (but I see them marked down to the $200-ish range frequently). Other lengths and thickness are available and prices will reflect. You can also get a smaller set to add volume to already long hair.

*I apologize for not having an image of the actual, undyed clip-in extensions. Apparently, my camera didn’t save those pictures or something was wrong with the file. Check out the site’s pictures of the extensions to give you an idea of how many extensions you get or any of the reviews below.

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*Disclaimer – Product came from the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pics are mine.


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