Inviting You to Join Twitter #fumechat This Friday!

Frink the Frug
Frink says: Tweet there or be square.

ChickenFreak presented a wonderful idea for a TweetChat on Twitter for us fumeheads. Starting this Friday, January 7th, at 10 pm Eastern, all of the perfume addicts can join using the hashtag, #fumechat, to discuss all the things that we perfume addicts love to talk about perfumes, perfumers, new launches, home fragrances, our favorite fragrances of the week, notes, etc. This is a great way for us to connect via”high-speed” tweeting to discuss something that we are passionate about. My husband is really sick of hearing about chypres and dry-downs. And I’m quite sick of his useless perfume opinions. Everything smells like aldehydes to him, whatever, he works at bio-tech company.

Please join ChickenFreak, Eyeliner On A Cat, and myself for our first Twitter #fumechat. I hope to see my tweeps there, this Friday at 10 pm Eastern, that’s 7 pm for us Pacific folks. And if you don’t have a Twitter account, get one before this Friday! 🙂

Picture of Frink the Frug, my Frenchie-pug. He’s sick of hearing about perfumes too.

13 thoughts on “Inviting You to Join Twitter #fumechat This Friday!

    1. Well, we always talk perfume! I understand the that the time just will not work for most people.
      What’s up with men and their aldehyde detecting nose? Everything is “ick” aldehydes to him!

    1. He kind of acts like a cat, maybe that’s the allure.
      I think it will be fun. I think the best way to do it is with #fumechat, then those that miss it, can catch up, comment, etc. just at a later or more convenient date. At this time, that’s the only idea that I can think of. We’ll try it and I’m sure it will all make sense later.

  1. I will be out of town and busy on biz but will do my best to make it! I love this idea, wondering if it will be weekly, just in case I can’t make it…

    Great idea guys!!!

    1. No problem, Jane! We’re hoping to make it a weekly TweetChat. We’ll see how it goes. Times are so difficult, but we know how to reach you at Daly Beauty 😉

    1. Not as regularly as we should, but we do. Use the hashtag #fumechat and somebody will respond 🙂

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