Inglot Freedom Palette Eyeshadow Review

Inglot Freedom Palette

Months ago I bought a 10 Eyeshadow Freedom Palette and 10 Eyeshadows from Inglot. Since then I’ve had numerous internal conversations with myself talking myself out of going back to Macy’s and buying three more Eyeshadow Freedom Palettes. I absolutely love these and can say that this is one of the best beauty purchases that I’ve made in my entire life.

Let me quickly review the palette itself. And let me tell you that I already own 4 MAC Pro Palettes that hold 15 eyeshadows. I prefer the Inglot palette (many of my older MAC palettes broke within a few months of use). Inglot’s is heftier in feel and I love the magnetic closure. The top is also semi-sheer so that I can see which colors are inside. I would say this is a benefit if you own more than 1 Freedom Palette (I’ve had to put stickers on my MAC ones to make finding shadows easier). As far as the empty palette goes, I love it. It’s very well-made and the eyeshadows stay in place even while traveling.

Inglot Freedom System

You get to choose the colors. With this palette I chose colors that I knew I’d wear the most. I wanted this to be my daily palette. I’ll go into more depth about the colors that I chose, but I also want to say that I prefer the Inglot Eyeshadows over MAC’s. These shadows are highly pigmented and are super easy to blend. They do not crease and I find them long-wearing even without primer (my disclaimer – I have dry skin and lids). These have been my favorite shadows to use ever. And there’s so many to chose from, there’s definitely something for everyone.

I bought my colors in store. I got to play with them first so I knew they’d work for me. Buying online is more of a challenge since the site doesn’t do color descriptions and many of the color swatches are “off”. Many people rely on blogger’s swatches and pics. This is one of the reasons why I’m doing this review.

Inglot Eyeshadow Swatches
Top row: 355, 360, 348, 56, 25
Bottom row: 395, 460, 340, 64, 51

Now let’s play:

Like I said, I chose colors that I felt I’d wear more frequently. I was tempted by mint greens and bright yellow but I wanted this to be my “essentials” palette.

*Please note that shimmer did not show up so vividly in swatches. Swatches were photographed in natural sunlight and a primer was not used.

355 MATTEButtermilk cream

This is a matte shade that I wear every single day to even out the color of my lids.

360 MATTEMedium matte warm taupe

I love this color so much. If you are light with blue eyes, you need this color. Many days I just wear 355 and this in the crease with black eyeliner. BAM. Instant babe.

348 MATTESmoky grey

I love this color so much as well. It’s the perfect matte smoky gray and it blends so easily. It’s never splotchy. I wear this in the crease or as a traditional smoky eye color. I have a feeling this one will be my fall/winter color when paired with berry lipstick. It really looks great with my blue eyes.

56 AMCMedium “dry grass” green with fine gold and copper shimmer

This is a pretty shade by itself. I got it for a wash a wash on the lid or to use with the dark colors for a smoky eye. It’s really pretty, I should wear it more frequently than I do.

25 SHINEPerfect gilded gold

Full-coverage foil-finish gold. Not too yellow-y, not too bronze-y. I think it’s perfect. It reminds me of Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked expect this one is better. The texture of this one is silky smooth.

395 PEARLButtermilk cream pearl

So this is the same as 355 but with a warm pearl finish. It’s the perfect shade for under the brows for me. I love it.

460 DSSmoky medium mauve taupe with fine gold and copper shimmer

This is one of those shades that I spent years and years trying to find. I highly recommend it to those with blue eyes and a warm complexion. It’s stunning. It can be used for a smoky eye or just in the crease.

340 MATTEDeep peacock blue or even a deep chalkboard blue/green

I wanted an alternative to black to use as a liner or as a smoky eye. Here it is. It’s just as dramatic but less harsh against my light complexion. This is such an intense, highly pigmented color. I’m still in awe that it doesn’t apply unevenly.

64 AMCDeep black with green undertones and fine gold shimmer in shades of green, gold and copper

Once again, needed that black alternative. This is such a pretty liner shade. I like that the shimmer is very subtle.

51 AMCPumpkin orange with fine silver shimmer

I needed a bold color for blue eyes. This is it. I wear it with the buttermilk shades and this in the crease, bronzer and a beige lip…it was a great look for summer. I have quite a few orange eyeshadows from brands like MAC, NYX, Make Up For Ever, Illamasqua… and this one is my favorite.

The MATTE shades are the best matte eyeshadows that I’ve ever used. Both the SHINE and PEARL formulas are very creamy, buttery with full-pigment making them the best shimmer eyeshadows that I’ve ever used. They are so easy to blend. I have no idea what DS or AMC stand for but they are very similar. These have shimmer but not much. I’ve noticed that if you keep blending, you blend out the shimmer. This may bother shimmer-lovers but I’m more into mattes, so I’m fine with this.

The empty palette retails for $16 and the Eyeshadow singles retail for $6 each at Inglot. And here’s a list of stores, maybe there is one in your area.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – Probably the best makeup purchase of my life. it makes me want to throw out all of my eyeshadows and start over.

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*Product purchased by me. Pictures are mine.

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  1. Thank you, Victoria – I am giving this high consideration because it’s coming from you. It turns out that there is a Macy’s *kinda* close to me that is on the location list that you linked to. I’ll try to get there soon to give this a look. It’s hard to tell the overall size of the palette – is it purse size? Travel size?

    1. The one that I have holds 10 square shadows – 7″ long and 3.5″ wide. And it’s 1/4″ deep. The individual eyeshadows are larger than those by MAC. (Thanks, I should include this info in the post).

      I don’t carry it in my purse daily (only when I travel) and it fits but I’m one of those people that carries a large purse. Other palettes are also available – both smaller and larger.

      I want to say that I got a discount for buying all 10 shadows and the palette at once from Macy’s but I threw out my receipt and can’t remember. I want to say I got like 10% off.

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