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INeKe Floral Curiosities Scent Library Sample Set Video Review

When INeKe Perfumes launched the Floral Curiosities fragrance collection, I reviewed them. And there were quite a few that I wanted to buy.

Now all five of the perfumes are available in an amazingly adorable limited edition Scent Library. You get five samples that are in a 2.5 ml sprayer. It’s housed in a vintage looking hardback book with library cards that describe each of the fragrances. These are ridiculously cute in person so I had to make a video to show you.

Ineke Scent Library

Here’s a quick overview of the fragrances:

Angel’s Trumpet – honeydew melon, Seville orange, leafy greens, cinnamon leaf, allspice, Virginia cedar and white musk. 

This is a pretty “dewy” floral that reminds me of datura, jasmine and orange blossom. It mingles with clean woods. The dry-down is like a slightly spicy stargazer lily. I still really like it.

Briar Roseblack raspberry, green apple, bitter almond, cinnamon bark, clove, cardamom, patchouli, violet, vanilla and cocoa absolute.

This is a spiced, wine-like rose with jammy raspberry. With time it becomes a cherry-almond that rounds out the rose and powdery violet. The dry-down is earthy cocoa and patchouli. I’ve decided that I want a small bottle.

Poet’s Jasminecitrus fruit, star anise, rosemary, absinthe, frankincense, cardamom, hinoki wood, and guaiac wood.

Bitter and green anise. It reminds me of black licorice wrapped in a blade of grass. The heart is a jasmine tea and the base is smoky woods. However, the entire overall feel is “bright” and sheer.

Scarlet Larkspurblood orange, red currant, morello cherry, claret wine, nutmeg, saffron, amyris wood, tonka bean and Bourbon vanilla.

Opens as a fruity mulled wine. I get a lavender-herbal type thing in the heart that mixes with cherry and orange zest. It begins to remind me more of sangria than mulled wine.

Sweet William peach, cinnamon, clove, cumin, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli and Bourbon vanilla.

This one opens as spicy and boozy. It reminds me exactly of spiced baked clove peaches. The heart has some violet and this keeps the clove from coming across as medicinal. The base is sandalwood and cedar that provides warmth and coziness.

This set retails for $22 at INeKe. AND the $22 is redeemable against a future purchase of the large size bottle. Wow.

*Disclaimer – Product provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from INeKe.

7 thoughts on “INeKe Floral Curiosities Scent Library Sample Set Video Review

  1. Dearest Victoria
    Darling video.
    And aren’t the names of these scents just so evocative… at least three of them are redolent of my favourite off beat flowers… briar rose, larkspur and sweet william (who’s ever-so-brief season has just ended here).
    The notes, the packaging, the attention to detail as you say are so out of the ordinary, so *novel* (haha).
    Definitely ones to try.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy
    theperfumeddandy recently posted..Paradise above Lexington… Caron in America The Perfumed Dandy’s American Adventure

    1. Reviewing these makes me miss having a garden!

      I think the brand did a great job staying cohesive, telling a story and being different while still having “mass” appeal <-- I'm not calling these boring, I'm just saying that I think these could easily convert non-perfume people into enjoying what we enjoy about perfume. It's a nice intro and I hope it'll convert more to our a little underworld of fun.

    1. But, the packaging of the travel sprays are gorgeous too!

      I own a few of these as well and there’s nothing “new” to me in the kit; however, it would make such a great gift. I’ve showed this to non-perfume people and they were very intrigued. So much of the marketing of mainstream perfume is “sex” and I think the average (non-perfume person) is surprised to see perfume not marketed as sexy!

      The Alphabetical Collection sample set is very pretty and a good value too.

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