Ineke Field Notes From Paris EDP Perfume Review

Ineke Field Notes from Paris

Ineke Field Notes From Paris, or F in the alphabetical line, is described as a woody or*ental. I describe this 6th fragrance from Ineke as fantastic. I don’t care which gender wears Field Notes from Paris, one is going to feel confident and assured wearing it. I would say that Field Notes From Paris is a “fresh” leather floral amber. It has fresh spiciness, lots of leather, and woods. It’s my favorite INeKe perfume.

Field Notes is inspired by classic French perfumes with notes of leather, but it is only inspired, not a clone. Field Notes From Paris opens as a fresh and floral orange blossom scent with a punch of spicy coriander. This isn’t some airy, citrus blossom eau de cologne. Field Notes has substance. This substance is provided by a heavy dose of spicy, fresh coriander. These notes give a fresh, green “zest”. Slowly the leather weaves in. It’s a new luxury goods leather.  It reminds me of the smell of a new pair of gloves or a new purse taken out of its dust cover. This isn’t a classic French “Cuir”, the great grandma of luxury perfume. It’s a sheer, new leather. The leather in Field Notes mixes so well with the coriander and white blossoms (tobacco flower and orange blossom). Eventually, I get more and more of the “new” leather. This drys down with the woods, mainly cedar. The orange blossom is faintly there, even at the drydown, mixing perfectly with the cedar. There’s is a tonka bean leathery, vanilla tobacco note there too. The drydown is good. OK, it’s all fantastic.

Field Notes is a well done “masculine” fragrance. It has masculine notes but a sheer feel that never dominates the wearer. It reminds me of Hermès Kelly Calèche’s handsome graduate student brother. He’s studying abroad in France, of course. This is a leather that one can wear in the winter or the summer. Field Notes has a laid-back classic elegance, very French, no?

Jean-Paul Belmondo in “Breathless”

Notes listed include coriander seed, orange flower, bergamot, tobacco flower and leaf, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean, leather, beeswax, and vanilla.

Give Field Notes a try if you like “sheer masculines” like Ormande Jayne Man, Canali, Prada Homme, Micallef Le Professional, and/or John Varvatos.

The 2.5 oz spray of Field Notes from Paris retails for $88. It is available at Beautyhabit.

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  1. As a guy, I love to wear this one. It’s sheer woods, not heavy, something I wear when I’m “business casual”.

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