Ineke Evening Edged in Gold EDP Perfume Review

Review of Ineke Evening Edged in Gold

We Three Kings Blogging Project : Gold

Ineke Evening Edged in Gold is the 4th fragrance in Ineke’s Alphabetical Perfume Series.  Evening Edged in Gold is an easy to wear (modern) floral perfume. I chose Ineke Evening Edged in Gold as my “gold” choice in We Three Kings because it is a gilded floral. It’s elegant but relaxed. It seems like a fragrance that is meant to be worn to holiday parties.

I like many Ineke perfumes but like Marina has said before on Perfume Smellin’ Things, many are too “fresh and transparent” for me to wear. I appreciate light, sheer fragrances but they aren’t “me”. Evening Edged in Gold isn’t a very “me” fragrance either but it is easier for me to wear than some of the other Ineke perfumes. I wear (occasionally) Dior J’adore as well, which I wouldn’t describe as a very “me” fragrance either. I was attracted to Evening Edged in Gold because of angel’s trumpet. Angel’s trumpet is my favorite flower to smell. If you haven’t sniffed one of these night blooming beauties then you really are missing out. My fabulous neighbor, Joe, has a green thumb and a grand garden. In the summer, late at night, I sneak over into his garden to inhale the intoxicating aroma of newly flowering angel’s trumpet. (BTW- We have a good relationship, he lets me do this. I’m not a mega creep!) Late this summer my moonflower, Arabian jasmine, and midnight candy would mix with the aroma of angel’s trumpet. My ‘hood was smelling good.

The opening of Evening Edged in Gold is bold, let it dry-down for a minute unless you want to whiff something that reminds me of prunes soaking in nail polish remover. With time, after like 2 minutes, I pick up on something that reminds me of ylang ylang, a heady and sweet floral. I really do not pick up much on any fruity notes until later (don’t worry Evening Edged in Gold is far from fruity). I get more of an intense rush of a bouquet of heady white florals with soapy notes. I get a suede like leather with sticky prunes. Ineke Evening Edged in Gold isn’t very heavy on the night blooming white flowers. This is a slight disappointment,  but the fragrance isn’t bad. My mind had really hyped up that angel’s trumpet beforehand. Evening Edged in Gold becomes very clean on me, but not watery. It manages to wear like clean cinnamon and leather on me. How is that possible? I don’t know but it works and it’s likable. It’s warm and radiant. I don’t get much of the saffron, but it has the feel of a saffron fragrance because of the warmth. The leather is very played down. This scent is not animalic at all. It’s elegant leather reminding me of a very nice pair of suede shoes right out of the box. With time I get more of cedar and modern, warm dry woods at the dry-down. I once wore this with a black leather jacket and it really intensified this fragrance. The leather notes were obviously more prominent. Leather and cedar wear wonderfully together. Evening Edged in Gold is one of those fragrances that benefits from a leather jacket. And I need to add that Evening Edged in Gold mixes well with the bubbly vapors of champagne or sparkling wine. This is another reason why I chose it represent Gold!

Ineke Evening Edged in Gold is festive. It has a certain elegance that isn’t too formal. Ineke Evening Edged in Gold goes with elegant “party gowns” or jeans with ballet flats. And yes, it will even go with stretchy leggings because if you are like me, that’s all you can wear this time of year!

Notes listed include gold osmanthus, plum, angel’s trumpet, saffron, cinnamon bark, midnight candy, leather, and woods.

Give Ineke Evening Edged in Gold a try if you like fresh and radiant florals. In fact, Ineke Evening Edged in Gold really reminds me of Dior J’adore…if J’adore wrapped itself in a suede shawl. Give Evening Edged in Gold a try if you like scents such as Dior J’adore EDP, Dolce & Gabbana The One, Badgley Mischka Couture, and/or Avon Rare Pearls.

The 2.5 oz spray of Evening Etched in Gold retails for $88. It is available at Ineke.

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24 thoughts on “Ineke Evening Edged in Gold EDP Perfume Review

  1. How could I not love a perfume that goes well with leather jackets and champagne? Those are two of my favourite things.

    I’ve never smelled a live Angel’s Trumpet, but have you tried Opus Oils Lady Death? It features Datura (same thing) and I thought it was quite good in a gothic sort of way.

    1. Exactly! That’s why I see Evening Edged in Gold as a “festive” scent because I don’t wear leather or drink champagne daily, but I wish I did!
      I haven’t tried any Opus Oils…yet. I read the description of Lady Death and it seems like something I’d love. I’ll go through a stage in late summer when all I want is Datura/Angel’s trumpet scents. I’ll have to keep Lady Death…and it’s gothic ways, in mind!

    1. Angel’s trumpet and datura are the same thing, I think. I hope you find it. It really is so intoxicating. It has a wonderful history. It was used in voodoo to make people appear “dead”. It’s that intoxicating 😉
      I really wish Evening Etched in Gold had more leather, but like you said, I think all scents can benefit from more leather!

  2. I didn’t try many of the Ineke scents (certainly not this one) but those I did, didn’t really make an impression. But I adore champagne and well leather and I, we go well together, so I’m looking forward to trying this one (eventually). 😉
    Ines recently posted..We Three Kings – Myrrh

    1. I haven’t had much luck either. This one really does remind me of J’adore, but a little better.
      So, far my favorite Ineke has been Field Notes from Paris. Now that is leathery.

  3. You said “leather and cedar wear wonderfully together”, that is such undeniable truth. Throw oud in there and there’s the trifecta.

    I can’t say I’d want to try this, but I loved your review replete with descriptions of creeping into your neighbor’s garden late at night to catch a whiff (I know, he lets you). The bottle is simply stunning.
    Carrie Meredith recently posted..Best of 2010

    1. Leather, cedar, oud = the perfect note combination.
      Yeah, this is a polished scent and it’s floral. You’re not really missing out unless your tastes change in the future. Like I said, I like this one, but it isn’t me. It’s too polished and the leather notes are played down.
      Well, neighbor lets me 🙂 He’s awesome. He really is. He keeps giving me Depression glass and offers to let me borrow his John Waters DVDs.
      Cute story, but those giant angel’s trumpet blossoms open up slowly, starting at dusk. It’s a 30’s suburban neighborhood, so all of the homes are very close and we have “cottage” garden lots (nice way of saying ridiculously small). Anyways, I’ll take Frink out for his last tinkle in the night and he’ll start barking madly at the datura because they are huge and open, almost bigger than him! He’s so emotional and superstitious. He knows those things will kill him.

  4. I would like to try EEiG, but I’m wary of this “midnight candy” note. Is it an accord? Is it a type of flower? Midnight candy aside, I love saffron, night blooming flowers and leather.

    The idea of wearing a warm fragrance while holding a glass of cold bubbly sounds divine! So does J’adore wrapped in a suede shawl.

    1. Midnight Candy is a little white night blooming flower. I have them growing in the back yard. I admit that it sounds gross as an accord like something in a Brittney Spears fragrance!
      Is it possible that EEiG is too polished for me? I almost feel like a politician’s wife while wearing it. I think “golden” scents make me feel that way!

      1. I have a problem wearing scents that feel too sophisticated, because that’s really not me. Even TF Black Orchid feels like it’s not supposed to be worn by me, but I do it anyway because I can’t resist.
        Carrie Meredith recently posted..Best of 2010

        1. I love TF Black Orchid. I can do “sophisticated” or “old-fashioned”. I just can’t do those light, polished scents. I don’t know if that makes sense.

  5. A stunning review… to go with a perfectly stunning bottle. I swear I just sat here staring at the loveliness on my computer screen, hypnotized and mouth watering like a Pavlovian pup.

    1. I agree that the bottle is beautiful. Ineke really has the packaging thing down. I couldn’t get over how cute their sampler set is!

    1. I don’t think it is odd. I never mean “nail polish remover” as criticism. I like a little bit of chemicals in a blend 🙂
      I like prunes in any fragrance. Love the depth that dried fruits give.

    1. What’s up with my comment thingie? I’ve noticed it too. Arghh!
      The bottle is pretty. I read that you tried Gilded Lily. I really like that one. It’s a more radiant Clinique Aromatics Elixir.

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