Ineke Chemical Bonding EDP Perfume Review

Ineke Chemical Bonding Perfume

The third fragrance in INeKe’s Alphabetical Collection, Chemical Bonding EDP is one of those sheer citrus musk scents. It comes across as squeaky clean and frankly, chemical, but that should be no surprise. It’s in the name 🙂 Sometimes we learn more about ourselves and what we like by figuring out what we don’t like. Chemical Bonding is one of those scents for me, even though I know it is a wonderful perfume for many people.

At initial spritz, Chemical Bonding reminds me of lemon scented window cleaner. I don’t mean this in a rude way. It’s just so strong. Strong in that way that burns my nostrils because it is so clean and fresh, compare to the citrus opening to most Clean brand perfumes. After letting it settle, I get a citrus tea scent. It reminds me of something that Bvlgari could launch. The tea isn’t black or dark or smoky. It is astringent like a white tea that has been brewed for too long but not bad, reminding me of Bvlgari Thé Blanc. Within 10 minutes, my nose is immune to the tea (my nose is always immune to tea). I get lots of sheer, bubbly citrus and…peony. It’s very difficult for me to detach peony from strong, nose hair singing B&BW body sprays, hissy high notes. But, peony as a note is growing on me thanks to Ormonde Jayne, but the peony in Chemical Bonding reminds me of powdery floral B&BW. Chemical Bonding at this stage, the heart, really reminds me of Clinique Happy. Like an even hissier Happy; I didn’t know that was possible! I then get a grassy, fresh green musk. This doesn’t resemble vetiver as I know it at all. It’s more like Demeter Grass, that fresh cut lawn accord. So, I’m left with a bubbly citrus cocktail, powdery grass musk, and sharp peony. I’m seriously left with a headache, the kind of headache that one experiences after hearing loud noises for an extended amount of time or stuck in a room with freshly waxed floors and no ventilation. (Unfortunately, I know too much about this with the home renovation going on).

Chemical Bonding is antithesis of “me”. It’s sheer, bubbly, citrusy. I don’t really “do” those types of scents. Chemical Bonding has a very mainstream, department store feel to it. It reminds me of a scent that is between B&BW and Clinique. It’s one of those “intro niche” scents. It bridges the gap between mainstream perfumes and the world of niche, specialty scents. It may spark an interest in the niche even though it smells “mainstream” to me. I really dislike Chemical Bonding, at first I thought I was neutral, but with time, more wears, I started to hate it (funny how headaches change a person’s opinion.). The only reason that I’m reviewing it is that I feel it really has a mass appeal and that there are many people out there that will flip over this one. I’m  not trying to come across as negative or contrary. This fragrance has appeal. It just is SO not me. To my dear Evil Scent twins – Try this one 😉

Notes listed include: smooth citrus cocktail, tea, blackberry, dewy peony, vetiver, amber, and powdery musk.

Give Ineke Chemical Bonding a try if you like sheer floral citrus perfumes or scents like Clinique Happy (seriously if you want to replace Happy then try this!) , Bvlgari Thé Blanc or Vert, and/or B&BW Rainkissed Leaves, and/or Clean perfumes . As far as a unisex scent, I don’t know. I find it almost too feminine for me. The citrus is very “bubbly”. Bottom line: you must like citrus, green grass, and peony to wear this, regardless of gender.

The 2.5 oz spray of Chemical Bonding retails for $88. It is available at INeKe’s on-line boutique.

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8 thoughts on “Ineke Chemical Bonding EDP Perfume Review

  1. Ooh, this sounds bad. I really hate Clinique Happy, even though I wore it occasionally when it first came out. Tested it again recently and found it excruciating — it’s got the dreaded Diet Sprite accord.
    Elisa recently posted..Strange phenomena

    1. I’m sure this a fragrance for someone.

      I don’t like Happy. I think my deal is that I can tolerate Happy on others. It doesn’t smell bad “swooshing” by on someone else. But, I don’t have the tolerance to wear it on myself. It gives me a headache within 30 minutes. It is too effervescent.

    1. I remember liking the original DKNY but I have none anymore. It can still be purchased, right?

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