Indult Paris Isvaraya EDP Perfume Review

Indult Isvaraya EDP

Indult Paris is back…and you guys, this is a great thing.

Isvaraya is one indolic jasmine. Holy moly. It’s a skanky jasmine patchouli. Once it’s settled, I can’t stop sniffing my wrist. It’s a warm jasmine, like jasmine scented hair (which isn’t that odd, I use an Indian jasmine hair oil and Oscar Blandi has that awesome jasmine line). There’s a plum syrup, actually, it reminds me more of a nectar. Isvaraya settles into this perfect harmony of warm jasmine, plum and patchouli. The dry-down is a pleasant but unexpected surprise. It’s a warm patchouli amber that is softer than cashmere.

Gail Patrick

Notes listed include patchouli, Indian plum tree and jasmine. PERFUMER – Francis Kurkdjian

Give Isvaraya a try if you love a rich jasmine. Or if you like perfumes like Providence Perfume Co. Hindu Honeysuckle, LUSH Lust, Ramon Monegal Mon Patchouly and/or Diptyque Olene. Isvaraya is unisex. I have a feeling that it will work with the wearer. I could see it being more fruity-floral on some people and more patchouli-jasmine on others.

Projection is average. Longevity is above average.

The 1.7 oz EDP retails for $200 at Luckyscent. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONBoozy jasmine liquor and patchouli amber. It’s good stuff. But, I wish the bottle was a 3.4 oz for that price.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Luckyscent. Gail Patrick pic from

7 thoughts on “Indult Paris Isvaraya EDP Perfume Review

  1. Ok, we`re an A. Goutal fan – so please try Mon Parfum Cheri in EDP for richer plum/floral, EDT for less of that and bit more noticeable patch…BOTH are wonderful!! Beauty Encounter has both in those elegant plum bottles 🙂 I need! to try the Indult line – are professional, carded samples or minis available??

    1. Gurrl, I got a bottle of that 🙂 Actually, I rarely just buy something right then and there but MPC was a “right then and there” purchase. I smelled it and was like “OMG, this is so me!” and bought the large bottle. And I’m happy that I did. Love it. Plus, the packaging is so pretty. FYI – I hear that one is being discontinued (or it may already be discontinued), so if you see a bottle of it at a discounter or something, you may want to pick up a bottle.

      In the US, Indult was only available at Luckyscent but it looks like the Perfume Shoppe now carries it as well. I’m sure we’ll see bigger distribution in North America with time. I don’t know if they have minis or manufactures samples…I mean, I’m sure they do, just don’t know if these US retailers are giving them out.

    1. I use a cheap-o product, Dabur Jasmine (retails for like $5 at most places). I find it at Indian markets. It’s a veggie and mineral oil ( I know some people don’t want to use mineral oil but I have no issues with it on my skin/hair). It’s scented with a jasmine fragrance oil that reminds me of the Oscar Blandi aroma but on steroids.

  2. OMG I need to dig out the sample I know I have of this and wear it out!! Patchouli, skanky jasmine, syrupy rich plum, and amber? OH MY YES.

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