In the House – Brand Spotlight on Providence Perfume Co.

Providence Perfume Co.

In the House is a feature on EauMG. I’m collecting my experiences from years of perfume sampling and putting together a quick brand overview. There are so many perfume lines out there that it can be overwhelming. My goal with this is to quickly introduce people to niche and indie lines that may be of interest to them.

Who’s in the house? Providence Perfume Co.

Charna Ethier

The perfumer & founder: Charna Ethier

The History: The brand says their mission is to “greenify” the perfume world; hence, offering a wide range of natural perfumes that smell like perfume. This “back to nature” stance genuinely works for this line. The perfumer grew up on a farm in the Northeast, inspired by various natural aromas of her youth. However, the brand isn’t all “crunchy”, it’s luxurious too. Ethier has drawn inspiration from her roots and her luxury experiences working for other beauty brands as an adult. You can read more on the company’s “About Us” page.

My impressions of the brand: I first tried the line 6 years ago. It all started because I was attracted to some of the “unusual” essences and tinctures used. (I was introduced to the brand by searching “mushroom perfumes”). Over the years I’ve witnessed this brand grow and develop. Charna has always displayed talent but over the past 4 years she has really created some exceptional perfumes using natural ingredients becoming one of the natural perfumers that I admire the most.

* I disclose my biases and I will say that I am a little biased as I’ve met the perfumer a few times during various perfume events. Her positive energy is contagious. I only mention this because I do think it’s worth noting when a brand is ran by nice people. Charna and her husband are so cool. Laid-back, no BS types with a great sense of humor. This doesn’t “improve” the quality of the perfumes so I shouldn’t really mention it. But, I do think it’s one of the positives that comes along when we support or buy from indies…real people are behind these brands and it’s a big plus when they are friendly. This same effect is why I keep going back to certain coffee shops or restaurants – it doesn’t get much better than great quality and great people. Anyway, I think when I do a brand spotlight, I should share my experience with the brand, including customer service, etc.

Charna Ethier Providence Perfume
Here I am with Charna in NYC at Elements.

Brand’s strengths: Creating natural perfumes that don’t smell “crafty”. These are sophisticated and complex perfumes that just so happen to be made from natural essences. Another strength is the brand’s range. There are perfumes ranging from delicious gourmands to crisp green eau de colognes, each with Ethier’s signature. They’re very different but you can tell they’re from the same ‘family”. For naturals, these have pretty good projection and longevity.

Brand’s weaknesses: If you asked me a few years ago, I would have said distribution. However, that has improved immensely over the past few years. It’s still in limited doors but the line is in more doors so people can sniff them in person. – This is brought up a lot with niche and naturals, but the price. Yet, the brand does offer smaller sizes that retail for under $50 which I do appreciate. I’d rather have small quantities of perfume anyway; I like variety.

I have tried: All of them.

My favorite/s from the line that I’ve tried: I bought a full bottle of Cocoa Tuberose and it’s almost empty. This tells you how much I love it. And when it’s gone, I’ll buy another. I really should buy a full bottle of Hindu Honeysuckle as well. So my favorites are Cocoa Tuberose and Hindu Honeysuckle. If we’re talking body product scents, I love Fern and Amber Cream.

My least favorite from the line: Samarinda. And it’s not because it’s bad. It’s just not me. I would recommend it to those that like really boozy scents.

Comparable brands in style: Strange Invisible Perfumes, DSH Perfumes, Aftelier, Artemisia and House of Matriarch.

You may like some of the perfumes in this brand if you like: Natural perfumes/niche perfumes or if you like gourmands, chypres or perfumes that don’t smell like something you’d buy at Bath and Body Works. The brand has tinctures that nobody else is using.

Providence Perfume

Does the brand offer samples or a discovery set? Yes, the brand offers individual samples and a sample coffrett. Many of the retailers of this brand also offer samples for purchase.

Products available from this brand – Alcohol based perfumes, body oils and elixirs, bath & shower gel, hand cream and facial mists. PPC also offers perfume classes, single notes and materials for natural perfumers. If you want, you can get a bespoke perfume made too.

Price range: Perfumes are about $35-$125. Body and bath products range from $24-$36. Facial mists are $14-$16.

Some retailers that carry this line – The store has a brick and mortar store in Providence, Rhode Island. Online they’re at providenceperfumeco.comBeautyhabit and Parfum1. Here’s a full list of stockists; they may be carried at a boutique in your town!

Providence Perfume Co. Cocoa Tuberose

My 3 “must try” picks for this line:

Cocoa Tuberose – If you love gourmands, you must try this. Completely unisex. And completely sexy on everyone.

Hindu Honeysuckle – It’s a gorgeous warm floral; so balanced. In my opinion, it’s a “break through” in the natural perfume world. It’s going to get a lot of people interested in what American indies are doing. And it’s going to get a lot of people interested in naturals.

Rose Boheme – A dirty unisex rose. Personally, I want more men to smell like this. It’s funky and awesome. When it works for you, it works.

Providence Perfume Co.

I also recommend the bath and body products to those that like scented body products (or natural products). My favorite is Fern because it smells like perfume! If you like multi-purpose beauty products, try the Beauty Elixir. My skin and hair loves it. It lasts forever too.

You can find Providence Perfume Co. on Facebook and Twitter. And you can follow the brand on Instagram which is like “visiting” the shop in Rhode Island’s biggest little city.

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*All pics from Providence Perfume Co. except the one with me. That’s mine.

12 thoughts on “In the House – Brand Spotlight on Providence Perfume Co.

  1. Thank you for a lovely overview.

    For a brief time you could smell PPC scents at Twisted Lily in Brooklyn, but now they seem to be only on Parfum1, the associated online business. Alas.

    I care a LOT about how nice the people are. A lot! Thank you for telling us.

    While we’re at it (I am unaffiliated) the person I’ve met a few times at Twisted Lily/Parfum1, Eric, is also extremely nice.

    1. Bummer. I remember seeing them at Twisted Lily when I was there in Feb. I really like that store. Ginger was working there when I stopped in and she was very helpful and nice.

      Let me say, if I have a choice between “good” or “bad”, I’m going with good. It’s not like we “need” any of this stuff and we have lots of options. I’d rather support nice folks. Saying that, I haven’t really had any negative experiences with people in the perfume world, so as a whole, they’re a nice group. I did have something weird one time but it wasn’t the brand but PR they hired. I let the brand know and I noticed they no longer work with them and apologized for the rudeness. Long story short, 99% of my interactions have been positive when I shop with smaller companies (including online retailers like Beautyhabit, etc. – would much rather buy from Beautyhabit or Parfum1 instead of Sephora or Ulta).

  2. It’s funny you posted this today. I was just contemplating a drive down to the store sometime this coming week. I have yet to go and thought it would make a nice summer afternoon drive. I could go visit mom too. Of course that might bring my “no buy” to a screeching halt. How could I leave there without a bottle of something? Impossible really.

    1. You should! If I had a reason to, I would. But, it’s going to shatter your “no buy”, haha.

      I also think there are in store exclusives from what I can tell from the Instagram account.

  3. Victoria,

    Thank you for featuring Providence Perfume Co. in your In The House brand overview! We are so thankful for your support and kind words. A million thanks for all you do for Indies. Here’s hoping we will see you again sometime soon, maybe in NYC?

    1. Thank you for sharing your work with me!

      I hope so too. I may have finally talked the husband into a NYC trip (he’s never been!)

  4. You’re spot on about Charna and her perfumes Her store (and perfumes) are worth the trip to Providence. Another must try is “Moss Gown”. I’ve also been stealing my husbands “Branch & Vine” from his dresser this summer.

    1. Moss Gown is good too. I think it’s a must try for anyone that is attracted to more “elegant” perfumes.

      I’d steal that one too! It’s so fresh and perfect for summer.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this, and you’ve inspired me to try a few more scents from the line. (I’m already a fan of Eva Luna, Ginger Lily, and Mousseline Peche.

    I try to keep my feelings about the perfumers themselves separate from the products when I’m writing a review, but if I really liked the person/staff/boutique, I’m more likely to return on my own for a purchase. Pleasant interactions with the people behind a brand *do* make me feel even better about fragrances that I like. Unpleasant interactions (not naming any names!) sometimes keep me from actually making the full-bottle purchase, even when I’ve enjoyed a sample.

    1. I should state somewhere, maybe amend this post. But, I try not to let perfumers/brands get in the way of my reviews which I do try to distance myself from. For example, I did write a not-so-hot review of PPC’s Samarinda even though I love the brand (and in this case, the perfumer). The deal is, as you know, just because you dislike something doesn’t mean that it won’t be another person’s favorite. On that note, I don’t always write positive reviews on EauMG but I try to “report” what I smell and then provided my “eaupinion” at the end.

      In these features, I want to give a broader overview of the brands while provided some of my opinions that may not show up in reviews. I also feel like that if I’m recommending someone to try an indie line, it needs to be with one that I’d recommend (not just with scent but customer service).

      We don’t have to name names here. I’ve had some odd in-person interactions but these haven’t gotten in the way of my reviews…just my personal decision to buy something or not 😉 – Luckily, *most* of the people/stores that I’ve encountered have been good.

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