In The House – Brand Spotlight on Aftelier Perfumes

Aftelier perfumes

In the House is a new feature on EauMG. I’m collecting my experiences from years of perfume sampling and putting together a quick brand overview. There are so many perfume lines out there that it can be overwhelming. My goal with this is to quickly introduce people to niche and indie lines that may be of interest to them.

Who’s in the house? Aftelier

The perfumer: Mandy Aftel, a self-taught perfumer, teacher and author.

Mandy Aftel

The History: Mandy is the queen of natural perfumery. She has been creating small-batch and custom blends (for many celebs too) for years. She teaches natural perfumery courses and has many published books on the subject. Mandy has really help to pioneer (and unify) the natural and indie perfumery movements within the United States and I’m sure, the globe. I could go on and on with praise, but the goal of this feature is to be “quick”. For more, here’s a bio. The brand is indie and based in California.

My impressions of the brand: A well-rounded natural line with a focus on high-quality luxuries and emotive blends. There is also a focus on “DIY” since the brand offers workbooks, single notes, classes and products like Chef’s Essences. 

Brand’s strengths: In my opinion, the strengths are with citrus and white florals. I also think the brand has amazing hair/body oils. But, I think what makes Aftelier really stand out is the mix of fragrances and flavors. The Chef’s Essences are game changing.

Brand’s weaknesses: This is tough. I would say longevity is an issue, but that’s the case with naturals. Naturals tend to be “quieter”. And of course, the price of these will deter people. They’re costly, especially when you consider the price per milliliter – Price is subjective but worth bringing up.

I have tried: All of them except for Cuir de Gardenia and Shiso. I really should try them; they both sound great.

My favorite/s from the line that I’ve tried: Wild Roses is hands down my favorite. It’s a genius rose. I also like to wear Honey Blossom.

My least favorite from the line: All of them work on my skin; there isn’t one I dislike. If I absolutely had to pick, I’d say Oud Luban. That’s only because real oudy-ouds scare me. Saying that, I think Oud Luban is great. It’s just not “me”. But, there are plenty of people out there that would love it.

Aftel Essence & Alchemy

Comparable brands in style: Strange Invisible Perfumes, Artemisia Natural Perfumes, Rebel + Mercury and Providence Perfume Co.

You may like some of the perfumes in this brand if you like: natural fragrances, white florals, citrus and stuff that doesn’t smell like it is sold at a department store.

Does the brand offer samples or a discovery set? Yes. Individual samples are available for purchase.

Available products by this brand: EDPs, pure parfums, solid perfumes, face elixirs, body & hair elixirs, Chef Essences, teas, perfumer’s botanicals (single notes), workbooks & books

Price range: $50 (minis)-$425 (specialty flask). Most perfumes are in the $200 range.

Where to buy this line – online at Aftelier.

Aftelier Honey Blossom

My 5 “must-try” picks –

Wild Roses – One of my favorite roses. Tarragon is an amazing addition to this floral fragrance.

Honey Blossom – Honeyed clover and sunshine.

Fig – It’s not really a figgy-fig. Try it if you like dark, moody foresty scents.

Oud Luban – A blood orange oud.

Cepes and Tuberose – A sweet and savory tuberose.

Aftelier Pear Fir and Coffee

I’m a mega fan of the Body Oils & Hair Elixirs and the Chef’s Essences. I recommend each and every one of these. Both of these products are game changers and I feel are very affordable for the high quality product that you get.

And another “fun fact”, Mandy did the natural scents for Cleanwell products. Orange Vanilla is my favorite.

You can find Aftelier on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

*All images from Aftelier.



15 thoughts on “In The House – Brand Spotlight on Aftelier Perfumes

  1. Thank you so much for this incredible treat Victoria, I am quite honored by your profile and I have always appreciated your very savvy writing!
    xo Mandy

    1. Mandy, as always thank you! Your perfumes have given me so much to write about over the years. They’ve inspired me to write, cook and even paint. Thank you!

  2. mandy really brought natural perfumery into the spotlight. excellent overview! i’m a naturals devote, however, so i am totally biased. Crepes & Tuberose is delish! i would have liked to have tried Pink Lotus, made for Madonna, but it’s been discontinued.

    1. She sure has. I also like how she brought natural perfumery into the spotlight without being “preachy”. It’s more about quality and the luxury of botanicals. She has also taken the time to source exceptional materials – this makes a huge difference. This sourcing is also why I trust her flavors.

      I know I say this a lot but nature is filled with these beautiful, unworldly materials. I can smell something like lotus oil and can’t believe that it is even “real”. I haven’t tried Pink Lotus, but I imagine if Mandy enhanced or interpreted lotus, that it was truly something wonderful.

    1. Yay! I wanted this to help with getting newbies acquainted. There are sooo many lines out there. It’s overwhelming!

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