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Illume Candle Tin Review

Illume Tin Candles Review

I’m in a candle mood again. I went through a diffuser stage, but right now, in winter, I miss the ambiance of a flickering candle. I’m either shallow or easy to please, very few things lift my mood more than a fancy candle. With pretty packaging and good scents, candles give my space personality. When my space is happy, I’m happy. I’m reviewing 4 Illume Candles:

Pineapple Cilantro – “A bold combination of juicy pineapple and fresh cilantro“. Pineapple Cilantro is a tropical scent. I didn’t pick up on the cilantro at all. This is straight up piña colada. So, if you want a candle that smells like a beachy alcoholic bevarage, this is it. This is creamy coconut and fruity pineapple. It’s nothing special but it’s fun, especially on dreary winter days.

Quince Cypress – This is an aromatic fresh evergreen scent. I get evergreens and medicinal eucalyptus and lavender mellowed out with dark stone fruits. This is a good scent for a home or a men’s fragrance. It’s masculine. This scent is much more cypress than quince. The fruitiness is really drowning under all of the woods. I prefer this candle in a study or living room.

White Thyme & Pear – This is a clean blend of herbaceous thyme and creamy vanilla. White florals are present but they are sheer and light. Where’s the pear? I don’t know. This is a neutral, clean fragrance that isn’t too “clean”. It’s pretty for any space in the home. I think this one is a good scent for a fragrance diffuser because it is so “neutral”.

Gardenia – Yep, this is gardenia. This is an exotic, heady gardenia with a hint of coconut. It reminds me of manoï. I think of this Illume candle as the “po-man’s (or woman’s) Kai”. It isn’t the same as Kai, but it’s a tropical, ultra feminine gardenia that is way cheaper than Kai. I love gardenia and I don’t mind my living space smelling of these blossoms either. This is my favorite out of the 4.

The packaging of the Illume Candles Tins that I have reviewed are retro fabulous. I love the sunny 60’s packaging of White Thyme & Pear. I prefer candles with lids because in my mind the lids “trap” the fragrance when not in use. (This is from Victoria’s candle mythology anthology…)

I have travel tins of these scents (not pictured). They burned evenly and have a high oil concentration. These tiny tins are fragrant. The strongest or the ones with the most throw out of this group are Gardenia and Pineapple & Cilantro.

I like these Illume candles but honestly, I am more impressed with their oil diffusers. Those are wonderful for the price. (Sandalwood Hinoki and Black Amber & Lavender are wonderful diffuser scents). The candles are good but they don’t really smell “complex”. But, sometimes I don’t want complex fragrances in my home, I want something that smells “good”. So, if you are looking for a better than average, mid-range price-point candle that isn’t complex, then try these Illume candles.

Illume Candle Tins come in a few sizes with prices ranging from $7.50-$20. These tins of wax are available at Illume.

*Disclaimer – Product samples were provided by Illume. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.
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