Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom EDP Perfume Review

Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom

Perhaps it is unfair that I review the new Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom fragrance. First, I am not a fan of Sex and the City; I find it boring and trashy. I am not a Sarah Jessica Parker fan nor do I dislike her. I hated her last two fragrances. Lovely is one of the few fragrances in the entire world that makes me physically sick. Covet wasn’t horrible it just smelled like Prell to me. Well, I decided to give the new and limited edition Covet Pure Bloom a try because the on-line reviews have been outstanding. Which left me wondering did they actual wear this or did they get payed off?

First, the aesthetics. I find the bottle attractive. It looks just like the original Covet (which is getting harder and harder to find these days). It’s a lovely shade of lilac in a vintage inspired bottle. The top is a big plastic flower that looks like an old brooch. It’s a sturdy bottle and not wimpy.

Now to the juice. I read the reviews, I read about the notes before sniffing and actually thought that I may like it. It is described as a “sweet tropical floral” and that is something that I have been looking for lately. Well, maybe sans sweet. Anyways, the initial spray was mind blowing horrible. It smelled just like grape cough syrup and wouldn’t get off of my skin. I thought I was going to die because I hate synthetic “purple” grape smells. I am taking it that this was supposed to be the “plum” top note. This was not plummy. This was cold and flu season.  Some people have noted that it is very floral and that is what they immediately smell. I wish I had a tuberose and pikake garden on my pulse points. Those are two of my favorite fragrances. Eventually, seriously like 35 minutes later, I began to smell some hint of floral. Yes, you could call it tuberose or jasmine if you have never smelled those before and knew that they were commonly listed notes in expensive fragrances. It was the lowest quality floral accord that I have ever smelled. It was mega synthetic and unbalanced and downright unnatural. Right after this I was hit with “coconut water” which was a little more forgiving despite the fact that “coconut water” smells like “a colada wine cooler”. This stuck with my skin for some time with an added dose of generic lady musk. After a few hours it became tolerable or maybe I became numb to it all. It smelled like a soft tropical floral musk that was very generic, ho-hum, but at least it wasn’t offensive. This was a mega disappointment for me. I spent an hour grossed out by it and another few feeling like I went through some perfume mega library stock and bathed in a couple bottles of “generic flower like accord that doesn’t really resemble any particular flower” and “generic cupcake musk”. I really came to this with an open mind, I thought.

UPDATE – Fragrance has been discontinued.

Smelln On Some Sizzurp
Smell’n On Some Sizzurp

*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from Fragrantica.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Pure Bloom EDP Perfume Review

  1. Robin from Now smell this, who is extremely harsh on mainstream and celeb. fragrances, said that Covet Boom was pretty enough, but nothing special. I think she might have mentioned generic too.
    I was curious what are the and where are the other generic sweet tropical florals?
    And what’s wrong with pretty? Almost everybody loves this. So what is wrong with you? You’re alone. You have to move to a small island with the few other Bloom haters and get hit with pikake twigs.

  2. Well, I’m sure the Bloom hatas and I would get along just fine. At least it’s real pikake twigs with a real fragrance and I love the idea of a small tropical island…
    Fragrance is hard to review. Our opinions of fragrances can vary so much! I read Robin’s review but I didn’t think she was too kind to this Bloom.
    I wanted to love this but it was that “grape” note that turned me off. I could deal with the generic manoi mix with coconut and cupcake. Wouldn’t love it but I wouldn’t attack it. I just found that top noted so offensive. I was a sickly kid and frankly I gag every time I see Triaminic or smell synthetic grape flavoring.
    I love tropical flowers such as Kai, Moyenette Paris, and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. I love tiare flower, coconut, jasmine, champa, gardenia, you know all of those in your face “white” floral tropical notes.

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