i Profumi di Firenze Lilla EDP Perfume Review

i profumi di firenze Lilla Perfume

All you need to really know about i Profumi di Firenze Lilla is that it is a lilac soliflore. And it is the best one that I have ever tried. If you are looking for a realistic lilac soliflore that captures spring in a bottle, look no further.

Lilla opens up as nose tickling, but in a good, bubbly sparkling wine way. This quickly mellows and becomes everything you expect from lilacs in full bloom on the most beautiful of spring days. If you are longing for a true lilac soliflore, then look no further. Lilla is it. There’s no fillers and no holding back. Lilla is lilac.

lilac and perfume bottles

Lilla is super feminine. And because of this, my husband loves it on me. It’s different than the leathers, tobaccos, and ambers that I wear. Lilla is nostalgic for me. Back in the day, Avon made a lilac soliflore perfume. I had a bottle as a little girl. I’d dab it behind my ears and on my wrists, pretending to be a grown-up. I completely forgot about these memories until I dabbed Lilla behind my ears and on my wrists as a grown-up. I find that lilac is a nostalgic fragrance for many people. Everyone has a “lilac” story.

Give i Profumi di Firenze Lilla a try if you are looking for a true lilac soliflore or if you like perfumes like Pacifica French Lilac EDT/solid, Demeter Lilac EDT, Frederic Malle En Passant, White Shoulders, and/or Jessica McClintock. If you are fan of Blanc Lila soaps, then you’ll love Lilla. Every late winter, I purchase a box of Blanc Lila soaps to welcome spring. This year I didn’t buy a box and spring never happened in the Pacific Northwest 😉

I think the most impressive thing about Lilla, other than being a photograph of lilac in bloom (and not a cheap-o air freshener), is that it is long wearing. How many long wearing lilac perfumes are in this world? Is Lilla the only one? It lasts about 8-9 hours on me.

i Profumi di Firenze Lilla retails for $99 and can be purchased at Beautyhabit.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – So far, this has been my favorite lilac soliflore that I have ever tried. However, I’m not really in the mood to purchase a lilac soliflore at this time. Maybe one day. Maybe. And I think when that day comes, I’ll search for that old Avon, a little bottle of nostalgia. I’m sure it won’t be as good as Lilla, but that’s OK. Perfume is about memories.

Product picture is from Fragrantica. Wish I could remember where the lilac/perfume bottle photo came from. It takes me to my fantasy Cape Cod cottage surrounded by blooming lilacs. Ahh… Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “i Profumi di Firenze Lilla EDP Perfume Review

  1. Thanks for the review. I have a sample of this from Knows Perfume in Seattle that I haven’t tried yet, and you’ve inspired me to check it out. Here’s a couple other good ones I’ve tried: Highland Lilac of Rochester, a very accurate and affordable soliflore, and Ineke’s After My Own Heart, an evocative and Ellena-esque interpretation of springtime.

    1. I got mine from Knows too 😉

      I have not tried Highland – need to check that out. I have tried Pacifica French Lilac. It’s decent but fades very quickly. The solid isn’t so bad.

      I’m still on the fence with Ineke After My Own Heart. It’s beautiful but doesn’t really work on my skin. I like it better on fabric. I think Malle En Passant works better for me despite its sheerness. I really do love a pretty interpretation of lilac.

        1. I can’t compare the 2 since I haven’t tried Highlander. But, I can say that Lilla is “realistic”.

  2. Thanks for making me aware of Lilla. I’ll have to try this out. The Ineke is nice, but it doesn’t really work for me either.

    The best Lilac note I have smelled is in Coty Paris. It has that “inky” fresh lilac scent.

    1. With complete accidental luck, I stumbled upon a little mini of Coty Paris at an antique store. It’s lovely! And yes, inky.

      We have white and purple lilacs in our yard. They smell differently. The white is so “white” floral, like a hybrid of lilac and ylang-ylang. The purple is what I’m used to and more like Lilla.

      1. I have both white and purple too. I actually prefer the white, but of course the purple is divine!

        1. Am I imagining that the white is more ylang-ylang-ish? It really does seem more “white floral”.

  3. I’m so glad to see this review! I’ve been waiting for a special order shipment of Lilla Serenella to arrive from Italy. I love this fragrance so much I added an extra bottle to the order for myself…great review. Oh, and I love After My Own Heart, too! 🙂

    1. Lucky you!

      I actually prefer the way that Lilla wears on my skin in comparison to After My Own Heart (which is nice and more complicated). Lilla is my favorite lilac soliflore of the moment.

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