i Profumi di Firenze Brezza di Mare EDP Perfume Review

I Profumi di Firenze Brezza di Mare

Well, with a name like “Brezza di Mare”, can you imagine what this smells like?

Brezza di Mare opens with watermelon mint sorbet with dryer sheets. It’s very “clean” and fresh. It’s sheer and it’s what I would expect from something with a name like Brezza di Mare. It’s very breezy. And that’s my brief review because that is all I have to say.

Really the only thing that Brezza di Mare has going for it is that it is fresh and clean perfume, that is aquatic but doesn’t have any of those aromachemicals in it that singe your nose hair and pierce your senses like CLEAN brand perfumes do. That’s me being positive. What we have is a light fruity aquatic that would smell better in a facial cleanser than a stand alone perfume.

Dorothy Lee

Notes listed include bergamot, sea salt, lemon, limes and watermelon. PERFUMER – Alessandro Morsiani

Give Brezza di Mare a try if you are attracted to very sheer fragrances or clean fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like DKNY Pure Verbena, MAC Turquatic, Bobbi Brown Beach and/or Demeter Salt Air. Brezza di Mare is the type of fragrance that wears very closely so people may want it for professional environments or on days when they are feeling anti-perfume.

The 1.7 oz EDP spray of Brezza di Mare retails for $99 at Beautyhabit. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION Aquatic melon salt. At one time the world wanted a fragrance like this. Do they still want fragrances like this?

*Sample purchased by me. Dorothy Lee pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “i Profumi di Firenze Brezza di Mare EDP Perfume Review

  1. I don’t think the world ever wanted a fragrance like this. I’m sure it would make a great functional scent like you said. It does not sound like something I would wear. Maybe a room freshener or candle scent?

    1. I would have liked it in a body wash or a home fragrance. I find I’m more lenient of fragrances for the home. I don’t mind if my home smells clean and aquatic. It’s different when I have to wear it all day.

  2. I’ve never tried anything from IPdF, this one doesn’t appeal much to me, since every aquatic clean scent reminds me of something I’d toss on the floor for cleaning purposes :).

    Have you tried Talco Delicato? White Musk and Vanilla sounds like something nice for daytime wear.

    1. This line is very hit or miss for me. They are simple and usually smell like their name 🙂

      I have tried Talco Delicato and hope to have a review posted someday. It smells exactly like baby powder. So, if you want to smell like baby powder (and some people do), I would recommend it.

  3. I love this scent for the summer. Imagine the heat of NC and you’ll understand why. I also like the Senza Fine and Manto di Rugiada. If you have weaned yourself from synthetic scents you’ll love this line of niche perfumes.

    1. I know that if I lived in a place like NC that my perfume collection would be completely different than what I own now! Climate really affects my perfume choices.

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