Avon Sweet Honesty Cologne Review

Avon Sweet Honesty

It could be purely nostalgia speaking, but I honestly love Avon Sweet Honesty.

It’s not an sultry scent. I mean, look at the pink bottle! Read its name! This thing is trying really hard to convince you it’s so innocent. Sweet Honesty is a powdery, soft fragrance. It opens with citrus – lemon zest. The rest of the wear is an abstract fresh, clean floral with a lot of honeyed baby powder. The dry-down is like vanilla candies and white musk. Basically, Sweet Honesty is Avon’s take on Love’s Baby Soft. But, I think Avon’s is much better. It’s the honey note in this that keeps me coming back for me.

It’s available at Avon.

*Product pic from Basenotes.


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