Humiecki & Graef Blask EDT Perfume Review

Humiecki & Graef Blask

In the perfume world, Humiecki & Graef are known for their esoteric perfume inspirations. And like I said in my Skarb review, I like these strange inspirations. But, I’m aware this is something that you’re attracted to or you aren’t. Blask is an amphibological perfume inspired by trust or “the deepest bond between human beings”. But, I think even if you have trust issues (I know I do) that you could still enjoy this fragrance.

Blask is red wine, barnyard and baklava. The wine is tart and fruity and could possibly read as “red berries”. To me it’s a fruity red wine with motor oil. And a whisper of horse stalls in the distant background. As it settles, it becomes bay leaf oil and red fruits, almost like a medicinal wine. Blask gets nuttier but it reminds me of honeyed baklava with a glass or red wine. And a side of a warm oud. With time, (I’m talking 6-7 hours of wear) Blask becomes a warm, nutty woods with delicate powdery florals and musk. It’s like a woodsy “skin scent”. Strangely comforting and ends up going in a direction that I didn’t expect (so, I can no longer trust it but that’s OK, I still like it).


Notes listed include bay leaf, red wine, walnut, florals and oud. Launched 2011. PERFUMERS – Christopher Hornetz and Christophe Laudamiel

Give Blask a try if you are looking for a warm oud fragrance. It’s not easy for me to recommend other perfumes like Blask because I haven’t tried any other perfumes like it. It’s oddly not challenging to wear and completely unisex.

Projection is average to above average (depending on weather) and longevity is above average. I get 15+ hours of wear.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for 160 € at Jovoy. If anyone knows where to get it within the U.S., please share.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONBaklava, red wine, oud and traces of a fancy dusting powder. Blask is one of my favorite ouds (the other is Memo Shams). I try lots of perfumes. And many perfumes remind me of something else. Blask is unconventional and frankly I find it genius.

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic is from Fragrantica. Ruth Taylor pic from

6 thoughts on “Humiecki & Graef Blask EDT Perfume Review

  1. Babalu Miami is the US distributor for Humiecki & Graef and stocks it in its store –

    160Euros is about $215 dollars at the current exchange rate – so their price of $220 is very fair.

    The people who work there are fun also. Its actually a cart on Lincoln Avenue that’s kind of hidden in a hallway/alcove. If you are on SoBe – I strongly recommend stopping by.
    Ron Slomowicz – Notable Scents recently posted..Camille Henfling Jr (Von Eusersdorff) Interview

    1. Thanks, Ron. I couldn’t remember who the US distributor was and honestly, I thought they were just the distributor and didn’t sell it in the store.

      $220 is very fair considering the current exchange rate and additional taxes that distributors pay for bringing luxury items into the U.S.

      I think I want a bottle of this but I need to try the others as well.

  2. This does sound unusual – I don’t think I’ve ever seen walnut listed as a fragrance note before, and I assume (because you said it smelled nutty) that they do mean the actual nut and not the wood? Either way, though – walnut or walnut wood – that’s unique.

    Anyway, you had me at “red wine, barnyard and baklava.” Oddly yummy sounding!

    1. It’s really weird but it works. I’m sure hardcore oud lovers won’t even pick up on “barnyard” but sensitive types like me did.

      I think the walnut smells very nutty. I have a jar of crushed walnuts in the cupboard and that is what they reminded me of…but with all of the other stuff. I can’t at this time think of any other fragrance with walnut.

      I have a craving for red wine and baklava now.

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