Huitieme Art Ciel d’Airain EDP Perfume Review

Huitieme Ciel d'Airain EDP

Ciel d’Airain is the most figgy thing ever but it doesn’t openly admit that it’s figgy. Fig perfumes are some of my favorites. Why be ashamed Huitième Art? Get figgy with it.

Ciel d’Airain opens up as a woody fig tree. I get the bark, the big and smooth green leaves and “fig milk”. And yes, there’s olive leaves mixed with these ripe fruit. Fig is usually milky or like coconut. In this perfume, it’s bitter and green with enough milkiness to make it recognizably “fig”. What makes Ciel d’Airain different than green-woodsy fragrances like Diptyque Philosokyos or Infusion Organique Buddha’s Fig is the addition of a super salty and a little dirty ambergris. It’s a beautiful addition that takes me to the seaside, the Mediterranean. The dry-down is soft, warm woods. What you’ll leave with this fragrance – fig tree and ambergris.

As a lover of fig in perfume, I feel like Ciel d’Airain is very well done. If you found Diptyque Philosokyos too green and other fig perfumes too sweet, try this one.

Virna Lisi

Notes listed include pear wood, fruit notes, olive branch, and ambergris. PERFUMER – Pierre Guillaume

I find that this fragrance has below average projection and longevity for an EDP. I get about 5 hours of wear. It’s unisex and I think it can work in any climate.

The 1.7 oz. bottle of Ciel d’AIrain retails for $125 at The Perfume Shoppe.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONFig tree and ambergris. I’m a fig fanatic, so of course I love this fragrance. However, I don’t need it. It’s not that different than the figs that I already own from Diptyque, Infusion Organique, L’Artisan. (Whatever I must tell myself, right?)

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*Sample given to me by my wonderful perfume pal, Brian. Product pic from Fragrantica. Virna Lisi pic from

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    1. Thank you for refreshing my memory about that one! I completely forgot :S I would say that they are similar. I would say, this is from memory here, that the PG one is a little sweeter but they dry-down is the same. And aren’t these 2 created by the same guy? Hmmm….

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