Hugo Boss Intense For Women EDP Perfume Review

The Mainstream Monday: Sniffing a Popular Fragrance

Hugo Boss Intense “Woman” is a woody floral amberl launched in 2003. It was created for “a woman with initiative“. It was one of those ad campaigns where the lady is sexy and in charge, “an intensely feminine and sensual fragrance with a sophisticated edge that makes it distinct.” My overall impression is that Boss Intense is a fragrance trying very hard to be sexy. From the woodsy floral notes to the red and black bottle, this is a fragrance that is trying hard to seduce. Overall, it comes across as another generic woodsy floral amber

From the notes listed I was expecting more of a fruity then floral then woods perfume. Instead I got a clean, soapy top note that I take is “ozone accord”. Smoldering up through the ozone is lots of amber and “clean” woods. I’m not picking up on any fruits. The fruitiness if anything seems to be coming from rose. This is a sweet amber fragrance with lots of “generic” florals. I can’t tell what the florals are but they are there. The closest flower I can compare it to is jasmine. They are sweet and creamy but not “tropical”. I take it that this is “vanilla orchid”, a floral vanilla blend. A sheer musk is there too with the florals. This fragrance wears as a sweet musky floral for most of the wear. The dry down is sweet amber and musk. I know this isn’t very helpful but Boss Intense smells like a mid-range fragrance in a “sultry” black and red bottle.

I wouldn’t own a bottle of Boss Intense. I find it boring and something I’d never wear. Life is too short for me to wear something that I don’t love. It is an OK fragrance. It isn’t offensive and I can see how someone would like it. I find it unusual that it is named “Intense”. This isn’t an intense or strong fragrance. It’s “rich” in fragrance speak but it isn’t very loud. The woods and musk wear close to the skin. I imagine it could be intense if you sprayed like 10 sprays but with 1 or 2, it’s tame. The lasting power reminds me of an EDT even though the notes are “heavier”.

Notes listed include: ozone accord, pinch of spice, kumquat, jasmine, rose, vanilla orchid, amber, musk-like notes, patchouli wood, styrax, and sandalwood.

This fragrance now seems very generic in 2010. I can’t remember my impression of it in 2003. I obviously didn’t buy a bottle back then. Boss Intense reminds me of so many other fragrances that seem to be popular such as Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy EDP, Beyonce Heat EDP, Benefit So Hooked on Carmella EDT, Avon Imari EDT, and/or Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT. When I sniff Boss Intense I would think that it is a Victoria’s Secret fragrance. It has that kind of vibe. It’s trying hard to be sexy. – Ugh, speaking of Victoria’s Secret… While I was at work today, Frink the Frug chewed up 2 almost new Miraculous bras. Arghh! I thought we were over the chewing stage!

Boss Intense is available on Boss Fragrances and select drugstores. You can often find it at on discount.

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7 thoughts on “Hugo Boss Intense For Women EDP Perfume Review

  1. I like how this one wears on me. It’s warm and soft. It’s sweet but not foody. This is one that I wear on the weekends. I find it too strong for work.

    1. I agree that it is sweet but not foody. Like I said, I can see the appeal.
      I also see how it is too strong for work. The notes are a bit “heavy” even though the fragrance isn’t. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

  2. I can’t think of one Hugo Boss fragrance that I’ve ever liked. I haven’t smelled any of the men’s so maybe they are more likable.

  3. I have not been happy with any Hugo fragrances! Well, the ladies. I have never bothered to sniff any of the men’s.

  4. Oh! I love this sophisticated and lovely scent for women. It’s more on expressing the side of women and putting them on a fragrance. Sometimes scent can be more expressive than action and words.
    Sammy recently posted..hugo boss

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